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Michael Vick's Workouts and Diet to Return to the NFL Revealed!

Despite his legal troubles, Michael Vick is a great athlete. He is one of the most explosive and exciting players in the NFL. After spending almost two years in prison and out of football, he returned to a serious exercise routine to recover explosive speed, amazing endurance, and incredible athletic ability. Exercise is a combination of lifting routine, interval training, and a healthy diet.

Vick training

He does cardio exercises like running, swimming, and high intensity distance training to improve metabolism and improve endurance. He also does things like obstacle courses, parachute sprints, and agility training. You can simulate this exercise with a treadmill or station bike. Even if you do not do cardio, you are advised to start your lifting days with a few minutes of biking to get your muscles warm and your body to lift.

Weight training such as push ups, pull ups, dips, mountain climbers, burpees, and crunches will be added after cardio exercises. This exercise is done in sets of 20 - 40 to improve results and combine raw strength with muscle endurance. Stretching is also very important, as it improves circulation and helps the muscles stretch and strengthen.

Weight training is central to your workout plan. With a barbell, a basic pattern of 3 sets of 5 squats, bench press, overhead press, and power cleans will help you build muscle and develop explosive power. You should try lifting three times a week and adding in a deadlifting session (1 set of 5) once a week. Take enough breaks between sets and make sure that on your off days you are resting - recovery is just as important as working!


A good diet is the foundation for building a strong body. You should eat between 1 and 1.5 grams of protein per pound of weight. Protein can be found in many foods such as red meat, chicken, tuna, and beans. Eat lots of leafy vegetables like spinach and arugula. A healthy fruit diet will provide you with the natural sugars and amino acids your body needs. Shake protein can help you absorb your regular protein and give you energy and metabolism.

If you are serious about reaching a body like Michael Vick, then other supplements, especially nitric oxide should be considered. Not only does Nitric Oxide help increase blood flow to the muscles, but it gives your muscles exactly what they need to lift, produce more power, heal faster, and grow bigger. Nitric Oxide has been associated with a dramatic increase in muscle mass and strength.


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