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Low-Carb - Best Solution in Senior Diet for Lowering Cholesterol

Your right diet is just as important as participating in senior sports in maintaining a healthy senior lifestyle. Working and eating properly is a fundamental step, and most importantly, to living a longer and healthier life. However, senior diets tend to have more special needs than just "eating healthy".

A new study has been published in Malaysia History of Internal Medicine found that both a low-fat diet and a low-fat diet - along with behavioral treatments - will help older people lose weight, but a low-carb senior diet has been found to be the best option for increasing cardiovascular risk.

Approximately 300 elderly people with excessive miscarriage participated in this study; half were given a low-carb diet and the other half low-fat along with a two-year behavioral treatment. Measurements such as weight, blood pressure, bone mineral density, body composition etc. are taken every three, six and 12 months. The group participating in a low-carb diet lowers their good cholesterol levels from the other groups - 23% compared to 11% when the study ended in two years.

Both groups lost a significant amount of their original weight; about 7% of their body mass, only from the senior diet choices they make along with behavioral modification, which researchers say is an important component of weight loss.

"I think the key result of this kind of study is to think about which diet is best for people," said Dr. Gary Foster, lead author of the study, director of the Center for Obesity and Education Research at Temple University, Philadelphia. "This study shows that it is possible for those with low HDL-cholesterol levels to begin with, that a low-carb approach to weight loss may have some advantages."


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