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Jon Benson - Eat Every Other Day Diet

So if you've been researching Jon Benson's daily diet, then you know that he's been helping people achieve their weight loss goals since 2004. The concept of misleading your body's metabolism by changing your calorie intake from day to day has proven to help lose weight. Your body consistently opposes reducing your daily calorie intake. More time than not when you start your diet, you end up stopping for weeks or months into it - but why? Has your schedule changed and you need to put your diet and exercise on the back burner for a while? Maybe. Maybe you lost your motivation and started putting on your diet and exercise routine for another day.

In most cases, when people fail in their diet or exercise program, it is because the program is not for them. It may be too demanding and once you get to the point where you realize - you lose motivation. That's why Jon Benson's daily diet of every other Diet is different from the diet and other exercise programs out there. Instead of starting a strong diet and reducing your daily calorie intake, the program encourages you to eat high protein foods one day to help burn calories faster and then eat the foods you love on other days!

This is good for two reasons:

1.] By changing your calorie intake from low to high daily, you mislead your metabolism and train it to work hard to burn calories daily, causing you to burn more calories while enjoying pizza, pasta, or whatever you want. !

2.] Instead of starving yourself or switching to anything but healthy foods, you can switch days off and have the foods you love alongside high protein foods. So with daily exercise routine you can lose more weight while having daily become a cheat day!

The only thing that can't be confused with this program is that even though you can eat WHAT you want every day, you can't eat WHAT you want! These things, as they are obvious, can be easily overlooked ... especially when it comes to your favorite foods. Fortunately with Jon Benson's Diet Every Other Day Diet, you can use the SNAPP feature in this program to help you keep track of how many foods you can eat. This feature simply takes the human emotion out of the mix and removes any guesswork or confusion. That is why it has proven to work and has had many successful testimonies since 2004.


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