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Is Anoretix the Real Deal?

Anoretix is ​​a diet pill that has just come on the market. They promote nine patented ingredients that will cause you to lose weight in no time. In this article, I took a closer look at the materials and found some surprising news.

Anoretix contains the following ingredients:

  • SuperCitrimax, a powerful appetite suppressor and fat suppressor. It is a free stimulant, which means you should get the effects of fat burning without worry.

  • Tonalin is a type of linoleic acid conjugate (CLA). There have been studies done by CLA for over 25 years with very promising results. CLA decreases the percentage of fat in a patient's body mainly through increasing lean muscle mass.

  • Advantra Z contains Synephrine active ingredients. While some have denied the effects of the synthrine in combination with the weight loss material that was banned several years ago, the claim has not been confirmed. What has been proven is that synthrine is effective in increasing your metabolic rate.

  • NeOpuntia shows lipophilic capacity (fat burning). It is extracted from the cactus (not to be confused with the ineffective Hoodia) which exhibits the ability to bind itself to fat in the stomach, preventing fat from being absorbed in the small intestine. This is NOT the same as Alli, with all its disastrous side effects.

  • Stage 2 comes from white kidney beans and prevents calories from starch (bread, potatoes, pasta, etc.)

  • ForsLean has an active ingredient forskohlin, which enhances and / or helps maintain lean body mass. Higher body mass means your calorie levels will increase (and that's a good thing when you lose weight!).

  • 7 KETO has been burned by some researchers with only a minimum amount of use, although no research has been shown to support it. It is the precursor to estrogen and testosterone, which helps in lean muscle mass (and also helps with sexual drive).

  • Chromemate is a patented chromium substance. Chromium is used to help regulate insulin levels so that fat retention is kept to a minimum.

  • BioPerine is basically a fruit extract that helps in absorption of essential nutrients. These nutrients are very important if you are on a diet, because you do not want to lose nutrients if you cut your calories.

Anoretix is ​​in line with a new product bill that sets the bar high for other diet pill competitors. The inclusion of nine patented ingredients is impressive and the future should look good for Anoretix makers.


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