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How To Lose Arm Fat - Use These Unique Tricks

This article is specially written for you women, especially because as you get older, you tend to develop fat behind your upper arm. I get this question all the time "How do I lose arm fat?" This is true for most women especially if they are overweight and not exercising. Basically, this is the hormone.

That's what separates men and women. We all have the same hormones, but only in different amounts. That's why, as men age, they tend to get fat around their stems and women tend to get fat on the back of their upper arms and lower body. The main hormone responsible for this is estrogen. This is something that is inevitable, but manageable and manageable.

Below, I will outline some quick arm exercises that will help you lose arm fat when combined with diet and cardiovascular training programs that make sense.

The first exercise you will do is a basic bicep curl with 2 dumbbells. You can do this exercise for 3 sets of 10 - 15 repetitions.

The next exercise will be the foundation. For women, doing push ups is difficult. And it's also very high under the upper body exercises, but it's great for actually developing triceps muscle, which is the back of the arm. I want you to create 3 sets for as many repetitions as you can each rest between sets.

The third exercise will be a hammer. Just like the dumbbell curls, you will do 3 sets of 8 - 15 repetitions, resting between sets.

And the last exercise will be skinny triceps. I want you to do 3 sets of 12 repeats, rest between sets.

This exercise routine is designed for beginners who have some weight in their home and want to start a training program.

But keep this in mind, you'll only get so far by just exercising. You also need to have a solid eating plan to help you lose belly fat.


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