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How to Grow Long Healthy Hair Faster

So you get tired of short hair and want to grow healthy long hair fast. Even if you are an older woman, you can have longer hair that will look beautiful. Don't trust me? Just look at Michelle Pfeiffer, Madonna or Goldie Hawn.

Here are some things that can help speed up the hair growth process.

- Massage your scalp regularly. How can this help you grow faster? Hair, like any other body cell, needs nutrients. These nutrients are carried by blood. When you massage your scalp, blood circulation improves. Better circulation means more nutrients will reach your hair. This will definitely help the growth process. The massage can be done with the tip of your finger or using a brush.

- One of the most important nutrients your hair needs is protein. Why not? Because hair is made of protein. Therefore, your diet should be rich. In addition, take foods rich in vitamins A, C and E.

- Hair needs moisture. Reduce style and exposure to elements. To combat drought, use conditioners, milk, masks and eat more soybeans, nuts and coconuts.

- The biggest reason why most people fail to grow long hair is the presence of split. Before you begin to grow your hair, remove all split ends. You should also start using products that prevent split ends.

- Hair health is greatly affected by stress. It can seriously hurt your hair. It is important that you eliminate stress from your life in order to grow long and healthy hair quickly.

- Try not to use contraceptive pills. Recent studies have found that the hormones contained in older contraceptive pills can cause hair loss.

- You must keep one thing in mind. The average person loses about 100 hairs per day. The longer you get the less hair regrowth. As a result, your hair will look thinner. This means that it will be harder to grow healthy long hair as you age.


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