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How Much Salt Do You Get From Your Water Softener?

If you have hypertension and your Dr. has put you on a salt-free diet. If you have hard water and have salt water that uses salt, that means you have to have hard water, and if you live in the southwest where the water is so hard, it seems to be full of rocks, plus a lot of unwanted ones. :] High blood pressure and salt are incomparable!

We had a water softener and we had visited some of our family members from the south and they commented that our water was salty, my daughter couldn't believe it and I couldn't get my blood pressure where the Dr wanted to be, needless to say, we knew we have problem.

The problem was that we used it but they could feel it even with the reverse osmosis system under the sink for drinking and cooking water.

So we started using potassium chloride as salt but it was more expensive, but my blood pressure dropped!

I wrote this article if someone out there had the same problem, because it didn't give any warning and if you didn't know about the salt increase, then you wouldn't do anything to change it!

You will blame your high blood pressure on something else, especially if you take medicine and check your blood pressure several times a day.

Sometimes it's hard to believe something that feels so good can be very dangerous.


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