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How Do You Know If Your Diet is Safe?

If you are going to be on a diet, you need to make sure that what you do is safe. There is some nutrition advice out there that is certainly not safe at all. You may feel that losing a few pounds of fat is something you want, but it should not sacrifice your overall health.

Diet is not safe if it is based on starvation. There are many diets where you are told to starve for a few days or drink a limited amount of juice to reduce weight. It's not healthy for you at all. Usually you lose just the weight of water that doesn't benefit you at all. You will also be miserable and lack all kinds of energy. Skip this type of diet.

Don't eat a diet that is malnourished. Nutrition is important to the body. It's difficult to maintain a healthy diet and expect your body to function and lose weight properly if you lose nutrients. Another problem without this nutrient is that you will be hungry because your body cries for certain nutrients it needs.

Diet is safe if your doctor approves it. If you go to your doctor for an examination or other reason, tell him or her about your diet plan. They should be able to tell you quickly if this will be safe or not. If your doctor approves your diet, you know it's safe.

A healthy and safe diet will involve some exercise. Exercise makes it easy to lose weight safely. You can also eat the right foods with adequate nutrition while still losing weight with exercise.

Aim for about one pound a week. It's unrealistic to lose pounds every day. If you lose weight every week and don't work hard every day, more than one pound a week is too much.


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