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High Blood Pressure and Its Relation With Sleep

One in every three adults is reported to have high blood pressure problems and two in three people with diabetes also estimate it.

High Blood Pressure is often referred to as a "silent killer" - as you never know it until your healthcare provider shows it when you visit it.

Hypertension can also cause risk factors such as heart attack and heart failure, such as this serious condition, the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body. In addition to this, this has serious implications for:

Brain: High BP (Hypertension) is considered to be the most critical risk factor for stroke.

Vision: It may also lead to blurred or distorted vision or worse, which can lead to blindness as well.

Artery: Arthritis formation can also be one of the reasons for hypertension as this will make your heart and kidneys work harder.

Kidney: It can also cause narrowed blood vessels in the kidneys because the kidneys are not functioning properly and toxins are formed in the blood.

Are there any signs of hypertension?

Well, in most cases, there are rarely any symptoms. People usually associate it with increased stress, tension and tension, but the truth is that a relaxed person can have high blood pressure.

So instead of yourself, the best way to find out if you have hypertension is to get it checked by your healthcare provider. This should be done regularly as high blood pressure can develop over time. The patient's treatment can also reduce the risk of stroke, heart failure, kidney failure and heart attack.

High Blood Pressure and Sleep Apnea

Losing sleep can cause you to feel restless and slowly in the morning, but let us tell you that the consequences do not end here. Moreover, sleep can also cause a toll on your heart and BP.

High BP and Sleep apnea are linked to each other and studies have shown that they can lead to more difficult conditions such as heart failure, irregular heart rate and heart related diseases. The easy reason for hypertension with Sleep apnea is a sudden decrease in oxygen levels as sleep apnea increases blood pressure and pressure is placed on the liver.

How to Control High Blood Pressure?

Risk factors such as age, family history and ethnicity are among the uncontrollable. So when we talk about preventive measures for high blood pressure, our focus will be on the real factor that you can change.

Try to follow the lifestyle changes mentioned below to eliminate any cause for high blood pressure and to lower the number if your blood pressure rises.

Maintaining a healthy weight - People who are overweight should find ways to lose weight and gain a healthy body. Talk to your doctor about the ideal weight that you can do and try to achieve it.

Follow a balanced diet - Consuming healthy foods that are rich in fruits and vegetables and limiting your intake of calories, fat and sugar will definitely help in eliminating minor signs.

Cut salt - Living on a low sodium diet helps maintain high blood pressure symptoms. You should reduce your daily salt intake by avoiding high sodium processed foods and by limiting the use of salt in your daily diet.

Do regular exercise - A moderate exercise of about 30 minutes, three times a week would be a good start in controlling hypertension. Next, keep in mind, the more you practice, the better.

Limit alcohol use - Drinking too much alcohol causes hypertension. Therefore, one should limit his intake to get high blood pressure symptoms.

Monitor your blood pressure - Above all, it is very important to get your blood pressure on a regular basis. If your doctor determines that you are at increased risk for hypertension, he or she may suggest additional steps for safety.

Check out Sleep Apnea - Your blood pressure is uncontrollable, although prescribed medications can also cause sleep apnea. Therefore, you should consult a sleeping doctor and her advice, undergo polysomnography to get diagnosed for sleep apnea. They can recommend you treatment to lower your BP.


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