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Hidden Secrets of a Raw Food Diet Supermodel

Today the girl dreams of being a supermodel or at least having a body like a supermodel. Say the name Carol Alt, and you'll get recognition right away. He is famous for all the covers he has adorned and at the age of 47 will play on Playboy. She credits her health to a raw food diet that began 12 years ago after being diagnosed with reproductive cancer. She credits this diet with saving her life and giving her a camera-ready body. He's cancer-free now. He also credits raw food to help him stay healthy and allow him to play for Playboy without working. Raw food diets make all the difference in their mood and appearance. His good looks made him the winner of his 13-year-old junior.

His career started 26 years ago when he moved to the Sports Illustrated swimwear edition and the former supermodel didn't feel comfortable when Playboy came calling for the first time. He was dissatisfied with the way his body looked, even though he was a strong supermodel at the time. But after starting a raw food diet, he changed his life and attitude. He claims that the difference is in the raw foot diet. She feels better and looks better than she did at the age of 20. This raw food diet is key to physical health and well-being. It shows in a way that he feels and looks. He has more energy and has the body shape evident in the recently released Playboy issue.

She said that everything changed when she was on a raw food diet. With the health problems she faces, the raw food diet actually makes her healthier and more confident. This belief shows both the camera inside and out. One decision he made when posing for a Playboy shoot was not full frontal nudity. This is a personal choice. But looking at Carol Alt, you can see physical evidence of a raw food diet. She looks like she's 20, but she's better. Making a raw food diet actually makes her look better and better than she did at the age of 20. It also makes it healthier. Raw food diets are the way forward!


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