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Herbal Hypertension Treatments

Herbal treatment as an alternative to synthetic drug therapy for hypertension is being studied more closely today than ever before. High blood pressure is a lifelong problem that requires lifelong treatment. Hypertension can't just "go away." You don't "recover" from it as you would with a cold or a cold. People do not like to take synthetic drugs for life, which is why herbal treatments are becoming more and more popular every day.

Medical answers to treat high blood pressure take a pill (or two or three) daily. The treatment for herbs for high blood pressure is to eat certain foods and to use certain herbs and spices in and on the diet. No pills. Herbal treatments are natural so there are no side effects associated with them as there are synthetic drugs.

Garlic is the most commonly used ingredient in treating this disease. People know that garlic will reduce this for many, many years ... and low blood pressure. Onions will serve the same purpose as tomatoes.

Most herbs used to treat this disease have diuretic effects. Hawthorn, nutmeg, kelp, and squash are all herbs used to treat hypertension. There are also Indian herbs used to treat hypertension, such as arjuna, jalamamsi, shankhapushpi, and manjishta.

Diets that are based on fresh fruits and vegetables and loaded with whole grains are also considered part of the herbal treatment. High blood pressure treated with herbal medicine also requires a low salt diet.


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