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Health Risks of Atkins Diet

Atkins foods are well-known and admired by many as their average carbohydrate intake is now a major health issue for Atkins health and nutrition experts. The health risks of the Atkins diet are slowly becoming clear because of the many health problems and problems experienced by a dieter during and after the program.

Some of the health risks of the Atkins diet include diarrhea while in other cases constipation, cramps, stress, headaches and more. Although the above-mentioned awareness is not taken seriously, the American Dietetic Society has sent a warning to farmers that anything that does not involve a diet regime consisting of a basic dietary group is considered to be a warning to the diet.

The disease called ketoacidosis is one of the most serious and serious health problems a person under the Atkins diet can achieve. Ketoacidosis is a disease in which cells are damaged and often occur when there is insufficient glucose supply in the body due to decreased carbohydrate intake. It also affects the sugar supply in the brain that makes way for this type of disease to occur.

Other health risks of the Atkins diet are that people fall into high blood cholesterol and can lead to heart disease. Low carbohydrate diets lower triglyceride levels which often leave people with a higher probability of reaching good cholesterol but not eliminating it but maintaining bad cholesterol in the body.


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