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Five Methods of Controlling Blood Pressure

Finding a way to control high blood pressure is important for anyone who has been diagnosed with hypertension. Fortunately, your blood pressure can be controlled with a mix of traditional medicine and healthy lifestyle choices. Here are the top five ways to control yourself.

Exercise: Exercise can make the world of bad behavior. One of the best ways to control blood pressure is to get enough training. Most experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 days a week, but to really see the results you need to duplicate it. Get up from the chair, go outside and really work sweat.

Go for energy (this means you are sweating and your pulse rate is rising) walking or running 6 days a day for a week for at least an hour. Of all the things you can do on this list, exercise will help you feel faster. Your body is built to move, so move it. As always consult with your doctor before starting an exercise program, they may have advice to help you start slowly to stay healthy and injured, but you can start to see the real results quickly.

Reduce Sodium Consumption: Salt adds flavor, but too much salt can add to your BP control numbers too. If you have severe hypertension, your doctor may put you on a restricted diet or sodium. While your BP numbers are controlled, you can help them in that way by limiting your daily salt intake. Use less salt when cooking, and taste your food before seasoning instead of just grabbing the salt shaker once you sit at the table.

Limit "Vice" food: Caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. The big three play here as they often do. Each of them is a proven contributor to hypertension and you will successfully eliminate it from your diet. If that seems too high an order, at least try to minimize the way you use it.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet: Your diet is the least responsible for causing you this disorder, and your diet can help you overcome it. Reduce impurities, and include healthier fruits and vegetables into your day. Reduce as much cholesterol as you can - yes, that means reducing fried foods. If you are having difficulty getting your daily vegetable dishes, gradually start by drinking 100% fruit and vegetable juices like those made by Naked Juice or Odwalla. Find products containing 100% juice without additives. It's not as good as eating real fruits and vegetables, but it's better than not eating any vegetables in your diet at all.

Medicine: Many people today try to live their lives holistically, and following the first four steps can go a long way in helping you get your blood pressure in the long run. Hypertension can be a killer though, and it's important that you have control over it as soon as possible. Doctors prescribe various medications to help with high blood pressure.

Listen to you and take your medicine so that your BP is regulated as you make the lifestyle changes necessary to maintain a healthy number throughout your life. As you make improvements, your doctor can reduce the amount of medication you need until you reach a point where you can maintain a healthy number through exercise and diet alone.


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