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Fat Burning Workout Tips

Fat Burning Exercises

Fat burning exercises are designed to help you burn unwanted fat. There are many ways you can do that. Practice at home, with DVD programs, with friends, in the gym or in the classroom. The idea is to make it fun so you'll keep doing it for a long time.

This exercise improves your metabolism so you burn more calories and keep burning longer after you stop exercising. Many people mistakenly believe that the body can only burn fat or carbohydrates when they actually burn both but at different ratios. While sitting still, your body burns some calories but it's not that much because you're not too physical.

If you suddenly start exercising, your body needs to burn more carbohydrates to give you more energy to help you cope with the exercise. As you go along, the ratio needs to shift as you have to conserve some carbohydrates as your body has a finite store. Therefore, more fat gets burned.

Athletes burn more fat as they train longer than normal people. Tennis pros can play for three hours and burn a lot of fat because the body needs to store carbohydrates. If you only play tennis for 10 minutes, your body may burn more carbohydrates because you don't spend much.

The myth that running burns more calories and higher fat percentage than any other exercise is technically true in the sense that you do low-intensity workouts that require less energy to start. If you have to choose between 30 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of walking, jogging will burn more calories because of high intensity workouts that make your metabolism faster.

There are some important steps to do a good fat burning workout. You need a healthy diet of 4-6 small meals between 190-400 maximum calories. Section size must be small. You need to take one gram of protein per pound of weight.

You have a variety of training routines. The first routine should be a cardio session 3-4 times a week. Includes cycling, running and aerobics in this routine. You also need resistance or weight training to build muscle and replace some of your fat with new muscles. The same sitting, push ups and workouts are great for this part of the training.

Power walking is a great exercise because you can do it anytime. You can burn 180 calories in 30 minutes. It's also great because it can be added to your regime when you need extra training because it doesn't need equipment or location.

Your routine should last 6-8 weeks. Many people fail because they go out for two weeks and then stop. That's just not enough to get the results you want, lose your stomach and get rid of the fat you've built.


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