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Effective Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat

A tight stomach is beneficial because it offers protection to some important organs such as the heart and lungs and helps us maintain good posture and balance coordination.

It is said that diet alone cannot make one lose fat. There is a close relationship between belly fat and exercise. We need to work on our belly fat to burn faster.

However, most of us have this question: What are some effective exercises that eliminate belly fat?

Before addressing these types of exercises to reduce belly fat, let's first learn how to burn fat. Exercise burns fat because it accelerates the body's metabolism and thus stimulates the body's demand for oxygen and calories to burn. First the body burns the available calories and then burns the fat deposit if absolutely necessary. Therefore, good belly fat burning exercises are not only burning calories but should be able to burn fat stored in the stomach.

Experts say that for exercise to be effective it will be done in 8-12 repetitions per workout, about 2-3 times a week. As training becomes easier, you can gradually increase the number of repetitions.

Here are some of the most effective ways authors have heard through the internet and media today:

1. Bicycle damage

Nothing eats up the popularity of bike problems. This exercise will definitely cause you to lose belly fat in just a few weeks. In this exercise, the person is lying on the floor with his lower back pressed to the floor. Then he brought both his hands behind his head. Starting with his legs bent at a 45-degree angle, he then brought his right knee to his chest while extending his left leg outwards. At the same time, the torso is rotated so that the left elbow goes to the right knee, and then is turned on so that the left elbow goes toward the right knee.

2. Reverse crunch

In this exercise, the person is lying flat on the floor with his lower back pressed to the ground. He then raised his foot in the air and bent his knee to a 90 degree angle. Keeping his feet still, he then lifted his hips off the ground, and returned to his starting position.

3. The Chairman of the Captain

This exercise requires the use of high chairs without chairs. The actress stabilizes her body on the chair by pushing her back to the back pad. He then put his elbows on his forearms and fastened his grip. He then released his leg and let his leg hang while holding it. Then the knee is lifted towards the chest and returned to its original position.

Before starting any exercise, always consult your doctor so you can be screened for some medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes. If you have these conditions, you need to withstand heavy physical activity and instead switch to light, aerobic. Also, tell your personal trainer if you have any back and spine problems so they won't get worse by training.


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