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Eat the Natural Diet of a Body Building Champion

Have you ever wondered why bodybuilding professionals will use all natural foods to achieve a low body mass index? Like BMI under 4? If you're a bodybuilder who loves perfect body competition, or if you're just interested in working for slimmer numbers, pay attention to Tom Venuto and his teachings. It can help you relieve the sadness and boredom in your diet and put more of your life into action.

Many bodybuildings, fat burning and weight loss diets are boring. A lot of water. Repeated meals are the same. Fruit. Fruit. Chicken. Fruit. Say it out loud - it sounds like cheering, no. But a boring diet is not something that is interesting.

There is more to life than just physical fitness when building your diet. Just knowing the facts about the difficulty of staying on a calorie deficit diet, or debating a low carb diet compared to a low carb diet is not enough. You need to focus on the right questions to build your eating program.

Consider these three questions:

1. How can you build a diet program that you enjoy while still being leaner and healthier?

2. How can you build a diet program that helps you control your calories automatically?

3. How can you build a meal program that promotes compliance?

If you want to be the champion of bodybuilding, you need the right foods. So make sure your diet includes the top foods from the Four Food Group: vegetables; lean protein; fruits; and starch and whole grains. When you have enough of each and every one of these food groups, you can create a variety of natural diets that are fun to eat and something to enjoy.

For example, think of a tasty roast chicken dish, sweet potato, asparagus, finished with some juicy cantaloupe. Eating like this is not only inviting, it's pure enjoyment!

By rotating between ten or more different natural foods, you can supplement your diet and your body building efforts will be worth the work. All you have to do is identify the top ten foods that are best for you.


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