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Ease Your Back Pain the Natural Way

With 80% of people suffering from back pain at some point in their lives, treatments that reduce pain are consistently in high demand. Modern medicine may have many people believe that a life-threatening pill is the most effective treatment for back pain, but the human body is superb at healing! That is, of course, provided they are well maintained and well maintained. People who suffer from back pain and eat unhealthy diets, for example, may not have the same healing ability as someone who eats high in nutrition.

Years and years of scientific research have proven that the food we eat can damage and heal the body; Poor diet often leads to conditions like obesity and osteoarthritis. Empowering yourself with the knowledge and exercising healthy food choices into your diet can help you strengthen joints and muscles as well as shed excess weight that may contribute to your back pain.

Here's a list of some amazing foods that can help you recover:


Mosquitoes contain a large number of powerful anti-inflammatory enzymes that can help ease the healing process. Keep in mind that this natural enzyme is not usually found in canned pineapple, so always buy it fresh.


Families of berries - especially strawberries, blueberries, acai berries, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries - hold antioxidants that fight inflammation that can help fight pain. If possible, try to buy organic berries to avoid pesticides and chemical waste.

Green tea

Named as one of the healthy beverages, green tea contains a variety of antioxidants and helps the body in its detoxification process. For optimal results, take 2-3 cups of green tea daily.

Fed Beef Grass

Beef may have developed a bit of a bad reputation for saturated fat, but grass fed beef is actually low in saturated fat and high in nutrients. This healthy beef is also loaded with CLA - a powerful fat that helps to lose weight.


Tumeric is a natural spice made up of a powerful inflammatory compound called curcumin; one of the most powerful natural pain relieving compounds available. Using this spice in cooking can be a very effective way to reduce chronic pain.


Smell is not the only powerful ingredient in garlic - popular foods are widely recognized as a natural aid to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure and reduce cancer risk.


Traditionally used to fight nausea and indigestion, ginger is also an effective inflammation fighter.


Insufficient intake of water can lead to muscle cramps and increased blood thickness. Even slight dehydration can cause various problems and slow metabolism. The body is made up of 66% water; Everything - including muscles and joints - can have a negative effect if you don't drink enough H20!

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