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Drug Identification - Helpful

So you've found some pills that you don't know what it is? In your child's room, or the medicine cabinet? Well, the introduction of essential drugs happens, correctly, so you know exactly what you're dealing with. Misdiagnosing drugs can have devastating consequences — even brain damage or death. In the case of finding something in your child's room — this may be the tipoff that you need to know whether or not they have begun exploring things that could lead to more illicit drugs.

Keep in mind that many drugs are legal. And just because Tylenol comes in the form of a brand name, doesn't mean it just came in that form. The same thing goes for Advil, painkillers and even aspirin — so it's important to use the drug first, and properly, before applying the discipline to a child. So take the time to find out what you have!

When going through the drug discovery process, you have to look for a few different things. You must have a good eye for the texture, size, shape and color, also because the introduction of drugs is a very accurate science. It is imperative that these things be done, that the identification be made correctly, and that no one is injured as a result.

Shape and size are key, a key factor in drug discovery. Professionally produced drugs will come in the same shape and size, depending on the drug. If you're looking for loose pills everywhere, this is automatically the first thing you notice. Keep holding a ruler, too, if you're not good at guessing how big a pill is. Make sure that the ruler uses the metric and the US — centimeters, millimeters, and inches — then measure every pill dimension you can. This height, length, and width will help you identify loose pills.


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