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Does Cutting Out Carbs Prevent Obesity?

Carbohydrates seems to be just as good as the fat made. They have become addicted to obesity, say some health experts.

Complete reduction or elimination of carbohydrates is a core part of several weight loss diet programs. These are food elements such as sugar, bread, pasta and rice, which are blamed for the obesity crisis.

However, in the UK, that is National health services (NHS) recommends eating lots of potatoes, bread, rice and pasta, with some milk and dairy foods, even in low-fat choices.

This proposal is contrary to what health experts say: now we have to eat less carbohydrates.

Potatoes, bread, rice and pasta contain & # 39; complicated carbohydrates. like starch. These carbohydrates break down quickly in the gut into sugars like glucose, which forces the pancreas to release insulin hormones. Too much insulin causes insulin resistance ', which is based on obesity.

Also contrary to recent thinking is the NHS's recommendation. Let's continue to take low-fat milk and dairy foods from milk and butter.

We now have evidence that nature's 'table' The fat in dairy products is not processed No. to blame for today's health problems.

In 1991, the official advice in the UK was to increase the use of carbohydrates so that it provides 50 per cent of its energy.

The thinking behind this is in part to bridge the energy gap caused by reducing the recommended amount of fat in the diet to 35 percent. How strange.

However, we are beginning to accept the fact that eating more carbohydrates has actually led to a significant increase in obesity and type 2 diabetes.

For many years now, we have increased the use of refined carbohydrates and oils. These are foods made of white flour, sugar, white bread, sweet cereals, cakes, cookies and cooking oil. That's how it's done. it's hidden. sugar and unsaturated fats have found their way into our bodies.

Smooth carbohydrates are digested quickly, and as mentioned above, cause a surge in blood sugar levels and therefore insulin spikes.

Some studies are published in History of Internal Medicine shows that to prevent obesity, heart problems and diabetes, we should abandon a low-fat diet plan. Instead, we should go for a diet that's good. it's low. in carbohydrates.

But it's not so easy. All dietitians point out that it's not. balanced & # 39; Diet is essential to health. This must include ' carbohydrates', but only those that are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

These carbohydrates occur in fresh fruits and vegetables. They slowly break down in the gut and therefore do not cause insulin spikes. This is not it. It's fine. carbohydrates that most people avoid in favor of easily digestible and processed foods.

So Satan all carbohydrates are completely unproductive.

Imperfect cereal carbohydrates, such as wheat bread, red rice, and whole grain cereals contain 'healthy' & # 39; carbohydrates as well. They do not cause blood sugar levels to rise quickly because they slow down.


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