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Do Not Neglect Any of the 2 Dangerous Intestinal Candida Symptoms

When you feel something is wrong with your body, you look at the symptoms immediately and see if they reflect a specific type of illness, right? This also applies to Candida or Candidiasis. You may not see this yeast actually cause damage to your external body, but you will be able to see and feel the symptoms of Candida intestine.

Some Candida symptoms are often overlooked because they come just like any other normal body feeling every day. For example, you may become constipated because you may not have eaten enough fiber-rich foods for the past few weeks. However, if you know that you have been careful with the right diet, but you are constipated, you may have Candida intestine.

Another symptom of intestinal Candida is diarrhea. This is usually associated with an unhealthy diet. However, if it is a regular occurrence and it is surprising even with a very good diet, then you may need to consider the possibility of having Candida intestine.

You may also experience fatigue, stiff neck, or headache, but may not know that you already have symptoms of increased yeast known as Candida Albicans in your gut.

Although you may ignore these mild symptoms, there are two symptoms of intestinal Candida that cannot be ignored.

• Intense bowel syndrome
• Leaky Gut Syndrome

Angry bowel syndrome is a symptom of intestinal Candida, which includes a variety of manifestations. These are usually associated with abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation, bloating, and discomfort. Here

Leaky Gut Syndrome, in turn, results in an allergic reaction. You will be surprised that you have an allergy even if you have no family history.

Symptoms of intestinal Candida can occur simultaneously, two or three at a time, or individually. You only need to identify them to prevent worse health problems.


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