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Clear Up Your Acne by Simply Cutting Out Soda

Soda has many harmful effects on the body when used regularly. I always deal with discolorations on my face as well as acne acne when I drink soda every day. I was unaware of my health in my teens and early twenties. I drink soda with almost every dish and don't think twice about it. However, when I got tired of my bad skin, I started to change my eating habits.

The first thing to go is my soda habit. It's not as difficult to kick as I imagined. I just stopped buying them and when I ate, I would order tea or water as my beverage. Eventually, I became used to not drinking it and over time, I noticed that my skin was starting to get healthier.

The mistake was missing and my penetration wasn't so bad. The other steps I take to ensure acne is minimal is to drink more water daily and keep my face clean by washing morning and night.

My best friend has severe acne and she uses real face soap and benzoyl peroxide daily. She also removed soda from her diet and I believe it has a very positive effect on her clear skin today.

If you think you are a soda addict, try removing it from your diet for 30 days. After 30 days, you will be used to having no soda on a regular basis. It's easier to give up than you think and your skin will thank you.


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