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Cheese and the Candida Diet

Cheese is a major part of the American diet. We eat cheese on everything, like sandwiches, burgers, salads, eggs and chili just to name a few. Cheese plates have the elegance and sophistication of our special occasion. Cheese helps us make great casseroles and you can imagine many of your favorite Italian dishes without cheese. There are so many types of cheese. I found that on a very popular website discussing cheese there are actually 670 types of cheesed listed in its database. That's a lot of cheeses and surely not all of them are outside the limit for the Candida Diet?

Candida Diet is a diet used to treat conditions called candidiasis. Candidiasis is the addition of yeast (Candida) to the gut system that releases toxins and causes poor health. Candida actually surpasses the intestinal system causing functional imbalance. Candida Diet aims to correct this imbalance by cutting down on the food supply that allows Candida to grow. Sugar and fast-acting carbohydrates are the biggest food source for Candida but things like cheese can also contribute to Candida feeding.

The main ingredient in cheese is cow's milk. Cow's milk, also dietary, is high in sugar and contains lactose. Lactose is difficult for many people to digest and is therefore not ideal when combating candidiasis. In addition, many ingredients are added to cheese, such as vinegar and salt. It is also a banned substance and can worsen the symptoms of candidiasis. Many cheeses also contain mold and some are produced through the fermentation process, which adds yeast. All of these factors make the cheese business at risk for Candida dieter. To make matters worse there is a lot of conflicting information about cheese and Candida Diet on the Internet.

Many sources say that it is good to eat certain types of cheese but do not warn diet patients that they are likely to eat dietary additives. In my opinion cheese is not good for the Candida diet. Whenever I take my symptoms back. This is how it affects me and this is not possible for others. If you are new to this diet, you will find that what doesn't work for some people may work for others. If you want to try and see if cheese is something you can still enjoy in the Candida Diet, here are some suggestions.

Stay away from cheese, aged or processed cheese. Some examples of coarse or aged cheeses include Brie, Roquefort, Stilton and Gorgonzola. Processed cheeses such as cheese slices, cheese cheeses and cheese cheeses are also unhealthy and limitless. Cheese you should try instead include mozzarella, provolone and / or Swiss. Try to find these different types of cheese with some possible additives, especially vinegar.

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