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Cheat Days and How They Benefit Your Diet Program

Cheating days are one of the more popular dietary concepts of the past. From losing fat to gaining muscle, cheating days bring some benefits to your diet program.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, cheat day, or treat it as I like to call it, it is one day of the week in your diet when you can eat all the food you have wanted in the past six days, including "fun" foods like cake, donuts and pizza. You can choose to eat that kind of food all day long, or eat it in one meal with another consisting of healthy foods, with more than just a healthy meal instead of a day. Both treat food and treat daily, when properly incorporated into your diet program, the benefits of your fitness grow both physiologically and psychologically. Here are some of their benefits.

  • They give you something to remember during your non-nursing days. As a result, sticking to your diet for another six days is easier.

  • They make your diet program more fun and rewarding, making it easier.

  • They help keep your appetite low during the holidays. By eating foods that you have been refusing for days of eating or eating, you are reducing your desire for the same foods.

  • They restore the glycogen levels of your muscles. After restricting carbohydrate and calorie intake and working hard for the past week, your glycogen levels are low. Having a day of eating or eating where you eat high-carb "fun" foods will restore this. This way, your energy and energy will be boosted, which will be beneficial when working next week.

  • They increase your metabolism. After blocking the calories for the last week, your metabolism starts to slow down because your body thinks you are starving. A day or two treats your calorie intake for the day, causing your body to speed up metabolism again. Faster metabolism is the same as increasing fat loss.

  • They increase your leptin production level. Leptin is a hormone that promotes fat metabolism and suppresses appetite. After one week of diet, your leptin levels decrease. By eating a meal or taking a day off, your leptin levels will be restored to normal. Therefore, your body is still ready to burn fat and your appetite is held next week.

So go ahead and give it a try day. Not only will your nutrition program be more fun and rewarding, you will also see improved results. To me, it's a green light.


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