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Changes You Go Through After Going On and Coming Off of Oral Contraceptive Tablets

Just like taking the contraceptive pill, coming to them is also something you need to think about before deciding to actually do so.

Oral contraceptives are synthetic forms of naturally occurring hormones in the body that control women's menstrual cycles, and fluctuating hormone levels play an important role in fertility. No matter the reason before you start taking contraceptive pills, this is it. irregular periods, acne and menstrual cramps or to prevent unwanted pregnancies; your body undergoes some changes as you live or die.

There is no shortage of contraceptive pills in India and you can easily consult a gynecologist who will prescribe the type and brand that suits you.

So, back to the effect; when you are on the pill, most side effects are positive.

• You will have clear, acne-free skin
• Reduces the risk of ovarian cancer
• Fixed period
• No menstrual cramps
• Reduces endometriosis-related pelvic pain
• There is no risk of unwanted pregnancy

So what happens when you decide to stop using oral contraceptive tablets? You'll start to notice changes within the first week itself. Although, it varies from woman to woman; Some of the side effects that come from pills are:

• Skin and Acne Surgery: Since these are common changes, when you stop using contraceptive pills, be sure to follow a strict diet and skin care regime to avoid getting hormone acne.
• Breast tenderness: You may feel slight tenderness in your breasts for several weeks. He usually wears.
• Uterine Inflammation: This will turn on and off. It won't be the constant pain you'll feel throughout the day.
• Moodiness, Irritability and higher levels of stress: You will be affected throughout the day due to the hormonal imbalance in your body.
• Increase the risk of unwanted pregnancies: Make sure you take the pill if you are seriously thinking about having children. If you're still unsure but still want to stop it, be sure to use an alternative planner.
• Water retention: This is something you should take seriously as it is a big issue for women. Notice any changes in your clothing installation or whether your hands / feet look swollen. Go to low sodium, detox diet to eliminate water retention.
• Little Spotting: This is again not the case. It is usually worn after the first week.
• Lethargy and Fatigue: You will experience energy loss.

You will find most of these symptoms every now and then for a while and the transition is usually smooth for most women. However, be sure to keep your gynecologist informed of the changes you have observed and experienced.

We do not try to promote the use of contraceptive pills or we do not encourage you to take them. It is your body and your decision to make. But you need to be well-educated about the changes you may be experiencing. If you plan to have children and get out of oral contraceptives, be sure to do so carefully and with planning. You must be prepared for the changes in your body and the way to deal with them.


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