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Bruce Lee's Body Building Workout and Diet

Bruce Lee created a martial art called "Jeet Kune Do" or "Way of the Fists Intercepting." However, also knowing that he is in the art of martial arts ... he is highly respected for his physical abilities and his physical damage. Bruce Lee's body has become an icon for what should be today's action star.

Let's face it, the audience is no longer ready to accept an actor wearing "Suit Muscle." From Brad Pitt to Will Smith - it seems like every Hollywood A actor has incarnated Lee's muscular and muscular body. What makes it great is its combination of exercise and diet programs.

Bruce Lee Diet Plan

Lee always eats a lot of high-fiber Chinese foods.

Some high fiber foods are:

* Fruits

* Vegetables,

* Bread,

* Peanuts

* Cereals

These foods are also high in antioxidants and will help cleanse your body.

Like most bodybuilders today, he usually eats 6 meals a day. This keeps her blood sugar levels stable and her metabolism burns at a higher rate. She is also a huge fan of keeping her body hydrated - she drank 11 to 12 glasses of water a day.

In addition, from his classmates ... learned about the importance of maintaining a high protein, low carb diet. (Bruce Lee loves protein supplements and regularly lowers 1 to 2 protein shakes daily.)

The key to gaining muscle - other than working out ... is eating enough protein. Protein forms anywhere from 15 to 20% of our body weight. The point is that protein is indispensable and it is the raw material needed to build muscle and other body tissues.

Of course, that day one of the most popular protein supplements was casein. Today, we know that whey protein can keep us in a state of positive nitrogen balance much easier and faster than using only casein protein.

Bruce Lee training

The training is intense. Even Joe Weider ... "The bodybuilder" stated that Bruce Lee's body was a light year ahead of that time. Bruce incorporates various components into his training program. Isometrics, freestyle, yoga, and weight training just to name a few. Bruce Lee left a free burden early in his training. She feels that having a great bodybuilding muscle is no advantage to a martial artist. He focuses more on what he calls "Functional Strength."

He realized early on that isometric training could give him the advantage of superior strength. He also used "Power Rack Isometric" for a while in his training program. If anything defines Bruce Lee it's his ability to think outside the box. His mentality ... "using what works and throwing away what doesn't" - has made him an innovator in many fields.

For example, Bruce used every known isometric training tool in his training including a device later called Tensolator. Using isometric exercise equipment is something he has always been a part of. And actually, so many martial arts practitioners are mixed today!


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