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Bodybuilding Diet Meal Plan - 5 Tips For Creating Your Flawless Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Developing a perfect dieting plan for you will boost your muscle gain and lose healthy fat by 1000% or more! All the perfect lifts can only take you so far without a proper diet plan. Think of it this way: by driving your car properly, you'll be in good shape. But without putting the right fuel and oil into it, it won't work properly, and it won't last long. As you know, exercising is important, but using a solid bodybuilding plan is important to tear down. The key here is to work harder and smarter to maximize your results.

Some important things to consider when designing your bodybuilding plan:

1. Eat 5-6 small meals daily, about 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism and energy up, your appetite and your muscles constantly nourishing to promote growth.

2. Decide how many calories you should eat each day, and stick to it. You must take more than the burn to gain muscle!

3. Shoot for 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fat all calories.

4. Get 10% of your target calorie intake in grams of protein. (Example 3,000 calorie diets: 300 grams of protein daily 6 meals: 50g or protein each)

5. Drink water in ounces equivalent to 60% of your weight in pounds. (Example 180 pounds: 108 oz per day, or 3.2 liters)

These are all the basics that are widely accepted from a proper bodybuilding diet plan, so be sure to keep this in mind when planning your diet. It can be very difficult to find the time to meet all these criteria correctly, and follow the plan to the fullest, but luckily there are pre-made meal plans that can suit your specific needs.

Many professional bodybuilders come up with a home-made diet plan, but very few do it for every level of calorie intake. Therefore, you must first think about how many calories you will eat, and then work on a diet plan that will work well for your level.

A typical sample perishable diet plan looks like this:

Eat 1 (Pre-training): 6 egg whites, 1 cup oats

Eat 2 (Breakfast): Alternate bar / shake, high protein and hemp oil

Dinner 3 (noon): 8 oz. lean meat, 2 cups of green vegetables, 1 cup brown rice

Eat 4 (Lunch): Tuna in water, leafy salad, wheat bagels

Eat 5 (Dinner): 8 oz. lean meat, 2 cups of green vegetables, 1 roasted potato

Food 6 (Snacks): Food replacement pack, hemp oil

This type of diet plan will increase your muscle gain, but it's hard to know how many items are right for your calorie intake. It's also hard to know what you can replace when you get bored with this regimen after a few weeks of eating the same thing every day.

Thankfully, there are some programs that provide a detailed diet plan that adheres to the diet of solid rocks as above, but allows you to mix foods as you see in each phase of your exercise plan, all to your level.

It's a good idea to start by eliminating processed fats and sugars from your diet if you haven't already. Don't try to jump into your new bodybuilding plan right away, either. It will be familiar, but by continuing to build a perfect eating plan, and following the system, you will get ripped and stick to it!

As the old saying goes:

"Plan your work, and make your plans!"

But keep in mind that it's easier when you can take a guess by following the advice of a natural bodybuilder when it comes to your body's diet plan. Either way, once you have your plan, just stick to it, and you'll love the decision!


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