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Banana - Nutrition Powerhouse

A high-power fruit rich in potassium, bananas are a wise snack option. Essential oils are essential for proper cardiac function and blood pressure regulation, potassium is a great source of bananas.

Delays Bone Loss
Research has shown that a decrease in blood pressure can occur if one consumes a lot of potassium-rich foods. It can also promote healthier bones by addressing the negative effects of increasing calcium loss of urine. As a result, bone thinning is slow. With so many Americans consuming SAD (a standard American diet), calcium loss is a common problem. Since SAD is a great source of refined salt that promotes the cleansing of calcium from the bones.

Intestinal frequency
Diarrhea or constipation can regulate if you eat bananas. Because they are rich in calcium, they can compensate for lost fluid when you have diarrhea. If it is constipation that bothers you, bananas contain pectin, soluble fiber. When you take enough pectin, you ensure the regulation and efficiency of the food moving through the digestive system.

The glycemic index
On the glycemic index, bananas can vary depending on how they cook. Foods with a glycemic index above 50 are considered high sugar foods. Mature bananas have a glycemic index of about 30, while cooked banana numbers can rise to levels in the 60s. So if you have problems with insulin metabolism, more mature bananas will suit your needs.

Move Over Carrots, Bananas Can Get Your Eyes Off!
Research shows that eating more than three servings of fruit daily can reduce the chance of age-related macular degeneration by about 36%. Most vegetables do not offer the benefits of this spy. You can improve your vision by eating only bananas and two other fruits daily.

Protect Kidney Cancer?
There are studies that show that eating bananas can reduce your risk of developing kidney cancer. The risk of decreasing by 40% is documented for someone who uses at least one salad daily. White cabbage and root vegetables provide better protection with a 50-65% reduction in risk.

The most effective natural substances in root vegetables, white cabbage and bananas are high amounts of protective antioxidants called phenolic compounds. In addition, cabbage contains sulfur compounds needed to cleanse carcinogens from the body. Therefore, eating vegetables and eating bananas regularly can reduce the risk of kidney cancer.

With delicious, rich and textured flavors, banana nutrition and good energy benefits for snacks or after workouts.


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