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Atkins Verses The Zone

For a while I lost weight and gained some muscle tone by following The Atkins Diet and working when I was 19 years old. I went from 200 to 160-170kg, and even though that number was considered too heavy by the BMI chart- I looked pretty fit. It was my first weight loss attempt and it didn't feel easy at the time.

After having children and regaining weight, plus, I lost the golden opportunity: # easy and fast nutrition the first time they tried to lose. This is a phenomenon I've heard about other people's weight overlooking message boards. I've never been successful with Atkins.

While Atkins let me eat fatty, meat and cheese dressing on my salad — I think my calorie intake was too high to lose my weight a second time on a diet. Also, if I were to switch to carb, it would take a few days to get back on track.

With My Zone just one meal away from the back. With Atkins there is no restriction on the portion, which may be OK for some nutrition - but for many overweight people this diet may not meet their needs. There are also many foods that I do not eat very much when following a low carb diet. Things like grains, lots of fruits and some vegetables are added back to your diet as you get closer and maintain your weight. With the Zone I work eating around fruits, vegetables. Now I intend to include some high quality cereal dishes in my daily diet.

Section control is a big plus for The Diet Zone for me. I learned why a girlfriend used to go wide-eyed when she saw a glop of butter that I would trim my bread with. It is healthy but not worth the extra fat in sight. He knows it and I know it now!

One of the keys to a successful diet is that it's more than just a gimmick; it adopts a new and sustainable lifestyle and eating habits. Zones are a great tool for learning how to eat a balanced diet. I'm now learning simplicity. I know I can choose between one donut or 4 pieces of Alvarado Fax Seed Sprouted Bread. 4 pieces would still be a little low in carbohydrates but would also give me 12 grams of fiber and other nutrients to keep my body healthy. Should I choose donuts or bread? The choice is mine, and sometimes I can choose donuts; everything in moderation.

So for me Dr Sears won over Dr Atkins. From the first day of my diet I learned a lot about lifelong learning how to eat well and to be balanced. The better my choice of food makes the more of my meal (sometimes) and the more satisfied I am with eating. The less trash I eat the less I crave them. The more I practice eating a balanced diet the better I will do in the long run.

I am not a doctor or a trained nutritionist, but I am experienced with both of these plans. While I hope this article proves useful to you, there is no substitute for consulting your doctor or nutritionist about your own health needs.


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