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Alternative & Complementary Medicine: Prevention Is Better Than Cure!


Many people today have a renewed interest in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. This is a good thing because Conventional Medicine does not always cure any illness

You may have heard the words "after [some illness] he never again"! Patients may have received some kind of "antidote" but they left their lives ruined by some combination of experiences and medications / therapies involved.

Correct Disease Can Be Avoidable

One of the most important things to understand about your own health is that the disease can be prevented.

Now I do not mean things like the common cold - though this can be prevented to a certain point. I'm talking about lifestyle changes, which can significantly improve your health and more importantly prevent many of the deadly bombs popping up inside of us all.

Now, of course, none of us can prevent all diseases - we will all be sick at some point or another. However, we can all take care of our bodies until we are in a position to recover, when the disease strikes.

The simple fact of life is that if your body is nourished at the peak of fitness, then you will always recover from any disease faster, than people who are basically obese, overweight, living on snacks, not getting enough exercise, have a low diet and so on.

In addition if you keep your body in good shape, you will automatically avoid many possible illnesses.

Its All In The Mind !!

Many medical tests have been carried out for centuries to show that simply giving someone a pill, which they think has some great healing properties, will have a significant impact on someones health and their overall medical condition.

This is certainly known as the "placebo" effect, but it does illustrate the very important power of the "mind" in the psychology of well-being. If you truly believe that you will get better then there's a good chance you will !!

Jesus Healing Teacher "Mind"

Whether you have religious beliefs or not, you cannot but be amazed, by the power and hypnotism of a religious teacher, to tell people who will recover if they can.

We all need to have this strong belief in the mind that we will be good, that we will avoid disease, that we will lead a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition and more.

You Need a Walk !!

To prevent illness, you should consider all your health and lifestyle, your diet and so on.

When you are hungry and away from home and are thinking of getting a "meal" - do you consider whether you want to eat, healthy or not?

I believe you always have to think about your life, every day. In this way you live the fact that we are all old, and that life is really fragile.

Conclusion - Yes You Can Prevent Disease !!

Always remember that you are responsible for your own health. It's not your fault your parents are sick or someone else just giving up on you. Finally your responsibility.

Use your mind to educate you on the disease, listen to what the voice in your head tells you. Maybe you need some rest, maybe you just need to go and lie down for a while to help your body recover. Go to Sabbatical everywhere with no radio and no TV just to relax, and let your body recover.

Be careful about your diet and exercise values, always ask yourself what your body and health are doing from what you do.

If you take these simple steps, you will prevent many possible illnesses. You will put your body in a strong position that illness if it comes, will not rob you of your life and your enjoyment.


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