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Abdominal Training Advanced

Are you tired of doing sit ups and crunches, lifts, bikes, lifting and killing other abdominal exercises? Are you looking for a real belly workout? Well, I've got some great ones and I'm sure you'll be surprised.

First let's look at the situation. Exercise definitely has their place if you've reduced your body fat percentage to a significant degree so you can see your abs (below 10% for men and 16% for women). However, if you exceed this percentage of workouts it will not help as they do not burn enough calories to reduce your overall body fat percentage.

Therefore, this article speaks to two groups of people; those who have a little extra pounds and those who don't. And, the secrets here will surprise you. The advanced exercises we are going to talk about today don't seem to have anything to do with abs. They are weight lifting exercises such as clean and jerk, dead lift, renegade, squats and more.

Let me first talk to a group that still has to lose a few pounds for those who are abs to show up. Your body will use a lot of energy to do the exercises above that will really get into metabolic shocks and burn calories at a higher rate for a few days after you exercise. This will cause you to burn fat at a higher rate than doing cardio exercises.

Now, to the second group. In addition to burning fat, this exercise, in fact, works with your muscles and strengthens your entire core. Try to do a clean, sloppy, swollen or dumbbell habit. Even if the workout isn't focused on the abs, that's where you'll feel it most. This is because your abs must stabilize your entire body.


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