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7 Best Beatles Workout Songs

I'm old to my taste and my favorite band of all time is the Fab Four from Liverpool, The Beatles. I have all the Beatles songs, albeit rare, on my iPod and I always take them to the gym when I exercise. Of course, not everyone is a Beatlemaniac like me so I don't expect you to have any of their songs, but if you want to know which of the best Beatles songs to practice, I can suggest some:

1. I Feel Good - A short but very interesting song sung by John Lennon with the whole gang on backup vocals. This number can get you in a better mood in seconds.

2. Twist and Shout - This is actually a cover made by the Beatles on their first album American song, but their version survives the test of time. The words "Shake it now baby" should be enough to prove that this is a great training song.

3. Oh Darling - I love this song all the way. I think it was Paul McCartney's crazy guitar and vocals on this song from Abbey Road that made it my all time favorite. The choir line will help you lift bigger weights no matter what exercise you are doing.

4. I See It Still - A great song from the first Beatle album. This number is a great cardio exercise track and also works for strength training. Fast, confident, and strong, whatever else you need.

5. Eleanor Rigby - I know, this is not a Rock song, but something about the tempo of the song makes it a powerful number so it keeps me more focused and helps me work out better.

6. Adventure Day - This song has never been featured on one of the Beatles' major albums but is still # 1 on the chart. And why not, it's one of the funniest songs I've ever heard in my life.

7. Hard Days Night - John Lennon sounds like a working class hero in this song and you get the feeling that you would better put more into your own routine. I love this song mainly because John and Paul sing in it and it's really fast and furious like a workout song.

One thing to note is that most Beatles songs are relatively short so you may need more to cover your entire training. The seventh is a good start.


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