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6 Types of Bowel Movements and What They Say About Your Health

Bowel movements can talk about your overall health. Read about the following types and compare them to your own movements to see what they say about your own health.

1. Movement seems to be a half, hard lump. They have the appearance of small peanuts or animal faeces. As usual the bowel movement suggests constipation, and results from a slow bowel transit time. It also indicates your risk of developing hemorrhoids and other intestinal diseases.

2. Sausage-shaped, but lumpy. As well as type 1, it will show constipation and other intestinal problems. Both of these solutions can increase the amount of fiber in your diet

3. Sausage-shaped, very smooth and soft. It fits, and shows good health. Ideally you should have this type of movement once or twice a day.

4. Soft, easy to stick to sticky clumps that can stick to the toilet. This type of movement is very bad. If you have this type, you should consider eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting out fatty foods.

5. Fluffy, flakes that tend to float. Any type that is too loose shows diarrhea. You should consult your doctor.

6. Watery without any solid pieces. As mentioned above, you may have diarrhea and should seek medical advice. This is usually due to the disease underlying the infection compared to the eating habits. So the next time you visit the toilet, take a look and see what you can learn about your overall health.


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