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Your Six Pack Starts In The Kitchen

If you are still reading I am sure you are wondering how is it possible that you can eat your way to a flat stomach. Let me assure you that it is possible and in my opinion the best way to get a flat stomach that can be carved into six packs of abs that I'm sure you heard a lot about. I say this as someone who has tried different methods for losing my belly fat. This isn't the only method that works but I've had a lot of success with it personally and I'm still following it.

Have you ever heard the words "you are what you eat?" This saying, unlike many people, is actually closer to the truth than most would think. Everything we eat has an effect on our body. If you play this video game it may be a bit easier to understand. Food has statistics. For example, you're hungry and decide to go to the kitchen for a good snack. You flow through the kitchen and refrigerator to find microwaves. You are happy to find this sandwich because you believe it is big enough to satisfy your appetite. You heat the sandwich in the microwave, return to your room and eat it. You feel full and thus your appetite is quenched. Let things go wrong as it is in the fragments that you begin to see and understand what is really going on here. In this simple act there are many ways to solve it but I will only break it down in two ways, mental (mental process) and physical (food statistics).

First, I'll start with the thought process that goes into this decision. You were_ (watching tv, playing video games, reading, filling in blank) and you felt a little pain in my stomach and thought to myself I was hungry. This is the first thing we will look at. Are you really hungry or do you just think that by associating your stomach ache with the way your body lets you know it's time to eat? This alone can cause many of us to eat just because we eat. The only way I can see if I'm really hungry is to ask myself if I'm hungry enough to eat broccoli? (This can be replaced with any food you don't really like.) Be honest with yourself and if the answer is no you may think you're hungry instead of really hungry. Moving on to the next action, you leave your room and head to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen you start looking for something to eat. During your search, you may overlook healthier choices for something you think will satisfy you. If you say you want to be in a better position make sure your decision aligns with that vision or you will just end up further and further from your goals. Looking at the food statistics for the sandwich without identifying what kind of sandwich it is, I can easily guess that it will be processed or at least the meat in the sandwich will be processed. For those trying to lose weight, processed foods are a big bump on the road. I would recommend cutting processed foods from your diet if it's really possible for you. If you are unable to cut all processed foods, I would suggest slowly replacing your favorite foods or snacks with healthier alternatives. I say slowly so as not to force yourself into a new way of life that you cannot sustain. Processed foods are known to cause inflammation when used in large quantities which hurts most efforts to lose weight. The sandwich statistics used will be pale compared to the vegetable / fruit smoothie for afternoon snacks. I will not go into too much about the benefits of certain foods in this article but it is important to start to realize what you are eating and how it helps you achieve your goals or prevent you from achieving them.

Eating solid foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and legumes will help you lose weight and feel better. These foods are packed with nutritional value that your body can and will use. The reason I say crunches will not solve all your problems is because if you destroy all your gains in the gym by a poor diet in the kitchen, you are in the best position to fight where you make the slower and slower journey to fall on the hills. looks steep to climb. Through my journey, I learned that I was building core muscles under belly fat. Unless your goal is to become a sumo wrestler, I would assume you would be proud to show off your body and tell you that hitting the gym but being disciplined in the kitchen will lead you in my footsteps. Diet and taxes are like two sides of a coin. I will admit that with the right diet, you may be able to skip some of the excesses but your body needs movement. It is healthy for you to get taxed in any way you can.

Some other tips to help you build these abs focus on leaner proteins like chicken, fish, nuts, soy foods, eggs and dairy just to list a few. This will help build more muscle. It's a good idea for women too since the more muscles you have the more energy you need to maintain and the muscle will take from your fat storage to the energy that will help you relax your body faster.

- Avoid alcohol or limit it to social events only. Alcohol is stored as fat because it is not a nutrient and hence the name bally is derived from this fact. Alcohol can also cause inflammation and interfere with oxygen levels that lower your body's ATP levels for energy. As stated before limiting your drinking or avoiding it together.

- Stay hydrated. Hydrating with water helps in many ways but in ways related to your abs, a healthy amount of water will keep your metabolism running smoothly, reduce bloating, transport nutrients around the body, control temperature and help your joints with the many pressures you exert. them.

- Stay consistent. I suggest slowly adding healthier choices to your diet rather than trying to lose all your favorite foods at once. Often this is a recipe for failure when it comes to diet shifts. Our goal is to change a little, see some results, and change a little. I promise when you see how this will work out you will be happy to give you some of your favorite unhealthy foods.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and learning something that will inspire you to take action. Your abs aren't in the gym, they're in the kitchen. Just be aware of what you eat, see nutrition labels and make choices that align with your vision. You can do it! How do I know? I know because I do it every day and if I can tell you can too. Thank you for reading.


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