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Yogurt Fruit Dip Recipes

Yogurt is good for you and will add extra nutrients in grand style to a boring fruit plate. This is especially important when it comes to serving children or guests who may not be as health conscious as you.

Yogurt is one of the healthiest food choices and can be included in cheap healthy recipes. Yogurt berries are healthier than dipping marshmallows or dipping them in chocolate. That may sound like a lot to many people but it's true.

So, what fruit recipe is available?

You can start with plain or seasoned yoghurt. Many yogurt-flavored fruits are available as well as lemon, cinnamon, and other exotic spicy flavors.

Any addition to your yogurt-based berries is limited by our imagination. Coconut, fine peanut, grated peel, hemp, poppy seed, or pumpkin seeds can also be added to your potions. Each adds its own unique taste and visual appeal to the dip.

Remember, you only want to add the items you like. This is your recipe so that you don't put anything in it you don't like to eat no matter what the recipe requires.

There are many different ways you can dip your yogurt. Naturally, you can cut the fruits for hand-picking (have toothpicks provided so your guests can chop their favorite pieces) or you can cut larger pieces into thick pieces so that the dip can be cut or placed on above.

When it comes to cooking chopped fruit, you should have a small plate and fork instead that will be neat. Colorful paper or plastic plates with plastic spoons and forks can be customized to match holiday or party themes.

These are my favorite and true favorites:

Fruit-Yogurt Dip

An eight ounce (8 oz.) Plain yogurt container (regular, lean, or low fat is your choice)

One tablespoon of honey (it absorbs less suddenly than table sugar so it doesn't irritate your body as much)

Two tablespoons of pure fruit. Find small jars of fruit in your supermarket's baby food section. Peach, pear, and apple work well.

Mix all ingredients, along with whip, lid, and cold.

Serve with cinnamon, chopped coconut, or finely ground peanut (walnut or pecan works well) on top as a garnish. You can restrict yourself to just one of these toppings or put a little of each in the form of "pie slices" to add variety.

Four-Month View of July

Place three small bowls on a larger plate. Use raspberry yogurt in one, blueberry yogurt in the second and a top-notch recipe as the third.

Now you have red, white, and blue!

Place decorations on the side so your guests can add them as they see fit. There are many yogurt flavors, each with its own color, so you can be very creative with the color scheme for your party or social gathering.

The dip you picked for honey

An eight ounce (8 oz.) Plain yogurt container (regular, lean, or low fat is your choice)

Four spoons of honey

Mix all ingredients, stir, cover, and cool. Garnish with cinnamon. You can place a small section on cinnamon rolls to one side of the nutritious bowl to add interest to your presentation.

Well, there you have some yogurt recipe available. Get creative and create your own yogurt recipe by standing in front of the yogurt display at your supermarket and letting your imagination run wild.


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