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Why Weight Loss Products Don't Work

Did you know that less than 2% of your diet loses weight and then manages it?

You will NEVER lose weight if you have tried many different diets and weight loss products and have not been able to lose weight yet. Your dieting efforts have been condemned for failure from the beginning. This is why ...

Billions of weight loss industries are worth billions of dollars and are on repeat sales! You lose weight and get promoted, put it all back together and get excited, so you have to buy more of their products or programs, and round and round it goes.

A recently released government report states this truth, "According to almost all weight loss experts, if there is a key to long-term maintenance success, it will require a permanent lifestyle change in the diet: moderate-calorie nutrition, physical fitness routine and leaving old habits that may contribute to weight gain. "

Government studies also reveal that those who succeed in losing weight are the ones who make lifestyle changes. If people only make temporary changes, they get temporary decisions - just like they did in the past.

A report published by Colorado State University found that "Many diet products and programs offer short-term fixes, but there is no" magic bullet "for weight loss. About 50 million Americans consume diets every year - but only 5 percent maintain they are losing weight. Many who try to lose weight continue to struggle to find effective weight loss methods. However, the only proven way to lose weight and stay away is to make a regular lifestyle change. healthier, more watchable and active parts. "

"Many prescription drugs have side effects and may not work for long-term weight loss. Over-the-counter pills containing PPA (phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride) may increase blood pressure. Over-the-counter pills containing ephedra may causing serious side effects, including dizziness, increased blood pressure or heart rate, chest pain, heart attack, stroke, seizures and even death.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently taking action to limit and / or PPA and ephedra in medicine medicines and dietary supplements "

Many weight loss products are ineffective, or have unwanted side effects, and are sometimes harmful. These include bulk fillers, diet patches, electric muscle stimulators, appetite suppressant glasses, weight loss earrings and magnetic diet pills.

Dependence on a particular product does not teach healthy eating habits, for life. They may help to lose weight temporarily, but they will recover after a 'normal' diet. resumed. Using this product helps avoid eating healthy foods.

'Secret' To lose weight and stay away is a healthy diet, maintained as a lifestyle. This has another major benefit - improved health.


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