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Why is Lowering Your Insulin Not Just For Diabetics?

The basic law of life is: you can't change something you don't notice.

It is my goal to make you aware of the unknown, unwanted effects of high insulin in your bloodstream and the incredible beneficial effects of your conscious desire to lower your insulin. You see, insulin is a very powerful hormone that has many effects on many body functions.

For example, higher insulin promotes cholesterol plaques in your arteries. Heart attacks have, for the past 50 years, and still are, are number one cause of death in America, due to increased cholesterol levels in your coronary artery.

Here's another: higher insulin than high insulin actually damages your hormone balance. The # 1 hormone imbalance in women in America is polycystic ovarian syndrome or known as PCOS. The main driver of this condition is insulin injury due to blood sugar imbalance. The main symptoms of this condition are poor menstruation, mood swings and the unique ability to grow mustache. Doesn't sound like fun.

Here's another: High levels of insulin in a man encourage the conversion of testosterone, the main male hormone, into estrogen, the main female hormone. This has led to an increase in abdominal fat, loss of drive in both bedrooms and chambers, and a tendency to grow larger breasts. Since I am a man, this truly doesn't sound like fun.

Here's another: If you have a high level of insulin, there are problems with the receptors in every cell in your body. You see, if there is too much hormone in the bloodstream, the receptors for that hormone become very damp and not functioning properly. What happens when your insulin receptor does not function properly? The food you eat, instead of entering the cell for energy production, is transformed into a form of nutrient storage: fat. So this is what happened.

You're tired and fat. That's not fun either.


How to find out your insulin levels? The best way is to get a blood test after fasting for 12 hours. If you have a friendly medical doctor open to you asking for and getting this (this is a cheap test), do this.


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