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Why Do I Still Have Body Odor Even After a Shower?

If you are still experiencing body odor even after bathing, you should consider that it may be an internal issue rather than an unusual one. First, persistent odor can be a sign of serious condition. See your doctor to eliminate any possible underlying illnesses that cause this problem. If the disease does not occur, try this body odor remedy.

B.O. No laughing matter. Try this serious body odor remedy

Can eating Fat and Milk make you smell?

Eating more saturated fat and dairy products have long been known to promote B.O. Use healthier options like olive oil and coconut oil and, if possible, replace things like milk with soy milk.

Some foods contain natural deodorizers.

Kale and spinach, along with other dark green leafy vegetables contain chlorophyll which can help as a natural natural scent.

Lack of some vitamins can cause B.O.

Zinc deficiency is common in those with bad smells. The following foods are good body odor remedies. Oats, red rice, rye, hemp and barley. Make them part of your daily diet. You can also add 30 mg of Chelated zinc tablets which is better absorbed by the body.

It stinks to emphasize.

Pressure and anger open the glands for excessive sweating and body odor. Many studies have shown that meditation can reduce stress levels and help achieve relaxation. Try to do 10 - 20 minutes a day of meditation. Take the time to help yourself recover from meditation. B.O. often occurs when the body is unbalanced. Bring back some of your balance with meditation.

Acid Factors.

If the alkalaine and acidic balance goes away from hitting the body, it can cause constant body odor. Drink two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with eight ounces of water three times daily to change the pH balance in your skin which can reduce body odor. It will also help digestion which will help you to process more nutrients that bring your body back in balance and reduce excess odor.

In conclusion

We often want to take some pills to solve our problems right away, but usually we have to rely on good daily habits to keep us well. Remember that although there is a normal body odor, it only smells after the shower. This tells us that something is off balance. Either you have a medical condition that requires treatment by your doctor, or there are some other issues that accompany it. After deciding on a serious medical condition then try this body odor remedy.

The author is not a Doctor and has no medical training. Always consult your healthcare professional before using this or any home remedies or natural remedies.


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