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What Your Guinea Pig Needs As a Quality Diet If She is Pregnant

As you know, your Guinea Pig is pregnant, either from your exotic Vet or just from her growing body! Your Piggy Sow will now eat twice the amount he normally would. He'll also drink more water, so make sure it's accessible as he steps in faster. Vitamin C levels now need to double. Now your Piggy should have at least 20-60 mg daily, instead of the usual 10-30mgs.

If you think your Guinea Pig needs more Vitamin C, then you can feed it by hand in liquid or chewy tablets. But it is never diluted in water as Vitamin C is less potent. Make sure your Sow has Timothy Hay supplements around for daily nutrition and fiber.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential to your Guinea Pig diet. During Sow's pregnancy, she will need natural Vitamin C from Red / Green Capsicum / Bell Lemon which is one of the highest in Vitamin C. Like Kale, Parsley, Broccoli, Strawberries and Colored Flowers, all cut to help with digestion and digestion. for her.

Make sure your Guinea Pig has a cage large enough for it and its trash. All food bowls must be high enough for the food left in the bowl. Anything that allows food on the floor may mean that your Piggy and her child can eat trash on the floor that will disturb their eyes.


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