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What to Look for in a Pre-Workout Supplement

"I can't practice without taking ..." - Famous past words from athletes spread across sports and specialists who see and experience the benefits of taking pre-workout supplements before training and competing.

Some pre-workout supplements are the most innovative and innovative products you'll find in a performance-enhancing landscape. On the contrary, some are not so new. From simple caffeine-stimulants and amphetamines such as high to parasthesia or "tingles" when your supplements contain beta-alanine, one additional thing for pre-exercise has in common is that they are all designed to ensure that you feel they "work".

But what exactly is working in that mysterious powder? More importantly, what do you want from your pre-workout supplement?

  • If you are a strength and fitness athlete focused on moving the heaviest weight in the gym, then you may be looking for a fitness-based pre-workout. Products like Jack3d and Mesomorphs have become popular late, but consumers should be careful when buying products containing 1-3 DMAAs due to nationwide bans off the shelf (details of this ban have been obscured by retailers but eventually the advantages of these products have been exacerbated by the risk related).

  • If you are looking for size, whether temporary or durable, you will want to invest in testing your response to high quality vasodilatory supplements. The jury is still (a lot) of the 'shape' new arginine and citrulline (a vasodilating amino acid substrate caused by synthetic nitric oxide in this product), and there is no valid reason to look for something 'bigger' & # 39; of arginine-alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG). There may not be a better product currently available using arginine as a backbone and you can believe that if you respond to AAKG, you will want to stick with it. There is a unfortunate reality to the fact that not all athletes react to arginine in the same way. This is an issue that has plagued many aspects of research into the use of amino acids as ergogenic as well as cardiotherapeutic. However, if you are a responder you will know as soon as you try it and the peripheral vascularity is clearer and the feeling of 'deep' Deep dive shows effective blood circulation and (theoretically) increased supply of nutrients that your muscles need during exercise.

  • If you are a fighter, walker or training for blending resistance then you may find solutions to increase your workload. This is more complicated than just aggressively generating energy. The metabolic substrates used by your cells during anaerobic exercise can be increased and stored in larger quantities before you train. Look for ingredients like creatine esters, amino acids, simple sugars and beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is a relatively new compound used in pre-training for its ability to suppress (increase acute tolerance) bi-anaerobic respiratory acid products. lactic acid. Some of the best supplements on the market combine creatine and whey supplements to effectively reduce the recovery time needed between training sessions.

  • Now, if you really need to pay attention during training ... if you fight in a cage or ring or you have complicated movements to coordinate in crossfit, gymnastics, BMX, ball sports, rowing, tennis and so on then compound you've been looking for just hit the market. In Australia, these compounds are marketed under the name Theaffeine and are only available in a wide range of products. This glutamate is essentially a synergistic caffeine (mimicking the effects of caffeine) with reduced side effects and additional benefits. Theaffeine has been shown to improve focus, concentration and rapid problem solving while reducing tremors, fears and anxieties that accompany all of the strong and powerful caffeine-based pre-training exercises we have known and tolerated for years. Some studies have also shown that it is an active ingredient in preventing neurocognitive impairment during prolonged physical and mental stress (a very important benefit when you train at a professional level). Theaffeine active ingredients have been used primarily in the United States as a powerful tool for high-pressure students, musicians and executives.

Whatever choice you make, close your eyes and forget what Bobby wanted to do as a bodybuilder telling you the last time you were at the gym together. You have the power to make educated decisions and understand the meaning of pre-training materials (without thinking of the marketing jokes and weekend-heroes falling all day).


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