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What Is The Best Way To Keep Off Weight? How To Reward Yourself For A Life Enhancing Accomplishment

The answer to 'what's the best way to maintain weight' is a word that no one who loses weight wants to hear:


Practical rules should take a long time, but the need to gain weight is a realistic time table for losing weight. Let's talk about the reasons why.

The key to maintaining weight is developing habits that support healthy weight maintenance. Everything that promotes "fast" weight loss, diet pills, fasting diets, HCGs, overweight, and more, are all things that fix temporary problems for lifestyle problems and then leave you without lasting resolution.

Weight loss is gradually training your body to be where it is. There is elasticity or memory in our body. You know what I'm talking about. No matter what you do, you always end up with £ 178.

Losing weight quickly takes you to your goal but the second you get back from what you used to throttle to lose your weight pounds get back to where it used to be. Gradually losing weight is a type of slipping on your body.

Finally, losing weight quickly involves the use of unhealthy methods that stress the body and promote other health problems.

Once you reach your ideal weight, you are not at the end of your journey but you are in the most dangerous part of the journey.

I have this little video clip from the finish of the bike race (I'm a bike race so I really got this!) And the winner is some length ahead of the pack in the chase. A short distance from the finish line he threw his hand into victory, shaking and falling. The next contestant looks at her shoulder as she crosses the finish line in the first place.

Without the discipline to at least match the effort you put into losing weight in the first place you may not pack your fat clothes. You create a vacuum and the nature of the vacuum hates. Every unplanned calories you want will go straight to your favorite body store: Fat.

When planning your diet, you must include at least six months of maintenance. The time is not to focus on the deficit between what you eat and what you burn, but in making what you eat. It is now more critical than ever before that you eat enough protein to maintain lean muscle mass. Now is not the time to spoil or introduce extra carbohydrates into your diet.

Now is also the time to improve the exercise program you have been working on because you have lost weight or launched one. Exercise promotes lean muscle mass and ensures maximum metabolism.

Stay on top of your monitoring during the maintenance period. Weigh and measure on a weekly basis to ensure that you maintain your body weight and fat. You will be able to see if your weight remains the same and your measurements are beginning to creep. That is a sure sign that you are replacing lean muscle mass with fat and slowing down your metabolism. Remember, that's what the body wants to do naturally.

Congratulations on losing weight. It is an achievement that deserves a minimum of six months of careful maintenance. Then make sure you measure your size to keep your body straight and narrow.


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