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What Are the Harmful Long-Term Effects of Obesity?

Most obese people are unaware of the risk of obesity that can affect their health. Unless they know how this can happen, they are living a happy life and are victims of the harmful effects of obesity.

First of all, if you are overweight, you put pressure on your joints and bones more than they can handle which is not good for them. This can put you at high risk for arthritis in the long run. The heavier you are, the lower the activity is possible and there are more opportunities to gain weight.

Excess weight can also lead to apnea, cessation of your breathing during sleep. Because of your apnea you may lose the quality sleep you need for your good health. High blood pressure and stroke may result from obesity.

Obesity has caused worldwide concern that some states in Australia have had to buy super-sized ambulances to accommodate patients who cannot get into a regular ambulance. It has been reported that more than half of American adults are obese and one in five children is overweight. Childhood obesity is largely due to parents' failure to curb unhealthy eating habits in their ward.

There are many misconceptions about diet pills as magic pills. Many obese people are unaware of the harmful effects they are having.

It should not come as a surprise to me that the number of deaths caused by the aforementioned illness due to obesity is second to none due to tobacco use.


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