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VPX Anarchy Review - Is This A Mass Builder Or All Stims?

VParch Anarchy is a preworkout supplement that puts itself at the forefront of muscle building and stimulant technology. It claims to have a lot of stimulation and muscle building, but does it have solid muscle building science behind it and are there any new ingredients that make the VPX Anarchy stand out as a preworkout?

The first thing I noticed about VPX Anarchy was that the labels didn't make much sense. Nutrition labels should be removed from the ingredients with the highest amount of each meal to the ingredients with the least amount of each ingredient. The first ingredient in VPark Anarchy is 1,3 N-Dipropyl-7-Propargylxanthine, a caffeine derivative that supposedly has a longer shelf life than caffeine. Unfortunately, this means that both caffeine and 1.3 N-Dipropyl-7-Propargylxanthine will be at least 300 mg per teaspoon! 600mg of caffeine and caffeine derivatives are at a high level for caffeine consumption, so be careful when taking more than one tablespoon, as high caffeine can cause nauseous people.

The next two ingredients are muscle building agents. VParch Anarchy contains beta alanine and creatine, both of which have the potential to improve athletic performance. Alanine Beta can generate lactic acid and creatine can increase cellular energy, increase endurance and build muscle through various pathways. Both are very common in most preworkout products and are quite necessary for good preworkout products. Unfortunately, both ingredients need to be high enough to get good results. Creatine requirements are within the range of 3-6g daily to have an effect and Beta Alanine must be kept at 1.5g to be effective in my opinion. With just 4.6g of active ingredient in the whole spoon, it will take more than one tablespoon to get enough active muscle building material in the product. This is usually good because you can only take two spoons. The problem with VParch Anarchy is that the high content of this product makes it useful to only highly advanced users in my opinion and two spoons is not something you should consider lightly.

This product also contains several amino acids, glutamine and histidin. Histidine is intended to compliment the Alanine Beta, to form carnivores but this is not necessary as it is abundant in the body. Glutamine is a useful exercise regimen, but before exercise, it is most likely converted to sugar. Certain forms of glutamine are combined with creatine, which I think is cool, but adds to the expense and may not benefit more than taking creatinine and glutamine straight.

The remaining ingredients are a mixture of some stimulants. Methyl Synephrine and Geranamine (4-amino-methyl-hexane) are two of the more recent stimulants that are potent substances. They are both very strong and will provide additional stimulation over caffeine and 1,3 N-Dipropyl-7-Propargylxanthine. Also, there are Phenylethylamine (PEA) isomers that I am not impressed with, as I do not believe they are active long enough to be effective as a stimulant. This product also contains yohimbine, which is a powerful stimulant that can cause great anxiety to some people. Yohimbine is banned in most countries and prohibited in sports, so you may be looking for VPX Anarchy in the United States.

The final ingredients are really meant to extend the life of the product's stimulation. I'm not sure this is a good idea, as there is so much stimulation in the product. I think the idea of ​​the product is to get you fully stimulated and amped up for the gym and I'm sure it will achieve that goal. It is a highly concentrated mix of concentrates that has a kitchen sink approach that simply removes all known stimulants into one product.

I am not responsible if I mention that safety is a problem with this product. I strongly encourage people to be careful when using this VPX Anarchy, simply because of the amount of stimulation it contains. I would also advise that adults only use the product. As a pure stimulant product it certainly delivers on that promise, but as a preworkout it looks a little light on the active ingredients that actually build muscle.

Another thing missing is amino acid hydrolysis, which has been shown to increase muscle growth by up to 33% in preworkout products. The former amino acids are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and used by the muscles. You cannot get the same results by consuming whey protein regularly according to a Dutch study. The 33% more muscle obtained was achieved only with hydrolyzed amino acids.

Aside from some light on actual muscle building materials, VPX Anarchy is a powerful stimulant product that will surely get you flying in the gym.


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