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Two Secrets That Greatly Accelerate Fat Loss

Losing body fat is considered to be one factor that ultimately leads to success or failure: the energy consumed in the energy expenditure verses. If you spend more calories than you eat, you will lose fat. Since this is a basic biological fact, optimizing this in any diet or exercise program becomes very important if one really wants to lose the maximum amount of fat that may be over a certain period of time. Based on the notion that all biological, physiological, and environmental factors are the same, one can use some "secrets" if you will that will accelerate fat loss and improve overall results.


Go to any health food or wellness shop today and you'll find shelves after the extra shelf of "fat burning" with labels radiating new and better formulas, stronger ingredients than ever used ingredients, and many other demands. may or may not be true for that particular product. However, the most effective and often best-selling supplements have one fundamental similarity - all of which contain several forms of caffeine. Yes, that's right: caffeine. Bottle pills are $ 40 to $ 50 dollars with "new and improved" formulas depending primarily on caffeine to stimulate fat loss and often mask other names like Guarana or other herbal equivalents. While other ingredients can be incorporated into the product, nothing beats this amazing chemical to stimulate the release and use of body fat for fuel.

Caffeine is an energy boost and hormone stimulator. The body burns more calories as it is consumed and the once-ingested chemical makeup helps stimulate the fat store to be used for fuel. In short, the metabolic system is growing and is directed towards the use of fat in its presence. Many university-based scientific studies have shown remarkable results in a test group that consumed large amounts of caffeine before exercise. Some test subjects experienced an accelerated fat burning of up to 30% of those taking the placebo. How does one take enough caffeine to make this decision? Well, they can buy a $ 50 bottle of pills, or they may want to try black tea (no Grande Lattes with cream and distribution) and coffee 30-60 minutes before their workout or fitness routine. Both will contain about the same amount of this "drug" for each meal and will serve as a catalyst for better results.

Early Morning Training

The time of day during which exercise can produce profound results in terms of the amount of body fat burned during a given exercise routine. Coaches, athletes, and private universities all you need to know is that working in the morning before breakfast should produce better results in the afternoon or evening workouts. This phenomenon is based on several biological and environmental factors. Assuming that someone is sleeping through the night, go for 6-8 hours without eating low in energy reserves and carbohydrates. When exercise starts, the metabolism is literally forced to burn fat faster than they ate a few hours before. This can be an enormous amount of calories over time. Imagine getting your body into full fat burning mode 10 minutes earlier than during the afternoon or evening exercises throughout the 30 to 60 day weight loss program. The difference would be better measured in pounds one ounce.

In conclusion

Getting up, having a cup of coffee and then starting a fitness routine all before breakfast will produce an environment that produces results faster than usual and will result in greater fat burning which can lead to weight loss over time. Just like driving 10 miles faster than the car next to you, someone will reach their destination faster from a distance. Therefore, always consult with your doctor before starting any physical fitness and nutrition program.


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