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Trying to Conceive a Baby Boy? Here is How to Get Pregnant With a Baby Boy Naturally!

If you are interested in having a boy, then by reading this article, you can increase your chances by about 80-85%.

The choice of time to have sex in relation to the occurrence of ovulation is important in the process of determining child sexual relations. If intercourse occurs 2-3 days before ovulation when the vaginal fluid is acidic, then it is better to sperm X (for females) as it spends longer. But if sex occurs on the day of ovulation, then you are more likely to become pregnant with a boy, because sperm Y is faster and can beat the X spermatozoa for racing toward the egg.

According to research, there is a relationship between child sex and the nutrition of pregnant women. This may be due to the fact that the food we eat seems to affect the pH of the vagina, which is one of the factors affecting the sex of the unborn baby. If you follow a rich alkaline diet, potassium and sodium, the chances of having a baby will be higher. If you want to have girls, your diet should be rich in calcium.

If you want a boy to eat:
Sodium rich foods - seafood, sardines, cod, tuna, salmon and
Foods rich in potassium - grapefruits, berries, oranges, watermelons, apples, tangerines, bananas, peaches, carrots and potatoes. It also reduces the use of calcium-rich foods - milk, yogurt, cheese, soy, almonds, parsley and toppings.

Moreover, low calorie diets, low fat and minerals increase the chances for a woman. However, according to the experiment, most women in the group with the highest calorie intake and nutrients (including potassium and vitamins C and E) had boys. Also, the likelihood of having a son increases dramatically if they have good breakfast habits, such as a bowl of cereal. Another interesting finding is that women who have relatively high blood sugar are more likely to conceive boys.

To this end, we can only speculate. Perhaps female offspring represent an advantage in times of scarcity, as weaker males are less likely to produce. This finding is consistent with the wisdom of many who say that mothers should eat lots of red meat and salty snacks if they want to have a son, and fish, vegetables, chocolate and candy, if they want a girl. Meat produces blood sugar for a long time, while sugar-based foods raise blood sugar very high, but in the short term, it is followed by a rapid and sudden decline in blood glucose levels.

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