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Top 5 Abdominal Fat Reduction Techniques

Are you tired of wearing loose clothes to hide your belly fat? It's very annoying to have fat around your stomach. And it even makes you lose your confidence. It is exhausting to try almost all weight loss programs and all diets and in the end, you will find that nothing happens.

Here are some other techniques that will help to reduce abdominal fat.

In addition to watching your diet, you should also be aware that sitting and simple crunches will not work. You have to work with your whole body. You can integrate weight training and put strength into your regular exercise routine. Crunches are useful in toning your abdominal muscles. Lying on the floor and facing the ceiling. Your knees must be bent and your feet must be flat on the floor. Put your hands above your ear and your fingertips are behind your ear. Press the entire bottom of your back until you touch the ground. Make the arc so that your shoulders are just inches above the ground. You must hold the position for five to ten seconds.

The back leg is useful in breaking your lower abdominal muscles. All you have to do is sit behind you and start lifting your legs up and down. Avoid touching the ground with your heels.

Bicycle pumps will be useful in reducing belly fat too. Leaning back to the floor. Make sure that you press your back on the ground. Put your hands on your head. Then lift your left knee and touch it as you raise your right elbow. Do not place your knees and arms raised and do the same with your other hands and knees. Repeat this bike pump twenty times and then return to your original position.

Full-round torso twist will be another technique in reducing abdominal fat. Stand up and place your feet with your hands over your waist. Raise both your hands and move them over your head. Right face without any movement with your feet. Bend over and go to your right. Make sure your body creates an arc. Do five rounds of full circle torso.

In burning belly fat, weight training is also required. They include desk stools, squats, chin or push ups. When you work your whole body, calories can burn faster.


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