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The Secret Exercise Routine to Lose Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is one of the essential requirements for a long and healthy life. The fats around the middle, known as fat patients, accumulate in our vital organs. This white fat removes toxic cytokines that pose health risks in several ways. It increases your chances of developing heart disease and makes you more resistant to insulin that leads to lethal diabetes. Cytokines also cause inflammation associated with the development of several cancers. The point is, this fat has to go. Most people consider a diet when challenged to lose weight, but it is not enough. You need to exercise to improve your metabolism, burn fat, and keep your body in good health. But as most of us urine is a training exercise I have good news, research points to the fact that in many cases, more or less. You only need proper training (1)

Modern training researchers have shown us that the old idea of ​​jogging for rocks every morning may not be the best approach to health and weight loss. While there are some health benefits to long-term aerobic exercise, the new high-intensity exercise lasting 20 seconds has shown remarkable results flying in the face of what we know before. Dr Michael Mosley, the Emmy-award-winning medical journalist, believes that at least three of these brief exercises this week will lead to weight loss, and ultimately healthier. He called his exercise plan "speed training."

Dr. Plan Mosley is certainly not the first of many high-intensity exercises. Back in 2005 the research was published in Journal of Applied Physiology (2) which shows that three groups, one cycling 2 hours a day at a moderate rate, another group cycling for 10 minutes a day in one minute breaks, and a third cycling for 2 minutes in the second 30 eruptions with a 4-minute break in between Intensive cycling breaks result in similar results. After two weeks of training, the study showed that all 3 groups improved in muscle fitness, including the rate at which their muscles could absorb oxygen. The third group also has the benefit of increasing muscle enzymes that are important in the fight against type 2 diabetes. Other studies have shown the same results as 6 minutes versus 6 hours of exercise.

After seeing that short high intensity exercises can give you the same muscle strength as longer ones, it is important to know that longer workouts can negatively impact your health. Although fitness is important, Alan Sears, who has worked with obese patients for decades, knows that long-term exercise and aerobic exercise can encourage your body to store fat in some cases and depending on exercise, can actually reduce your heart and lungs to increase your risk of heart attack. (2)

The secret to high intensity training has to do with who we are as an animal. Primates tend to sit on trees or walk for a while on the ground so it's time to catch food or run away from predators that will involve short-term intensity training. The body reaches the reserve of fat for energy and begins to produce anabolic hormones such as growth hormone and IGF-1 which build lean muscle mass and burn fat. Too much exercise and the body starts to save fat for the long term exercise. (3)

According to Men's fitness, the way to create a good high intensity interval training routine is to focus on the movements that will run the entire body in one workout. Knowing how your body responds chemically will help you plan good exercises. In the first 10 to 15 seconds we use our phosphate pool, but it doesn't really start to produce large amounts of lactic acid, which is known to be hard on our bodies. A 30-second rest allows the body to reset ATP (cellular energy phosphate) levels and creatine phosphate levels. (4) Therefore, 15 seconds is hard, so it takes 30 seconds to rest. Move your whole body by touching your toes, kicking your knees high in the air, circling your arms, twisting your trunk and bending to the side. If you have to squat and kick it out, it's good too. Exercise 15 seconds later, rest for 30 seconds. Remember that you need to warm up before exercising. Do some of the exercises just mentioned but at low intensity, or enough to get the muscles warm and get the blood flowing. It's up to you. There are different ideas about how long you need to do HIIT training. The shortest is about 2 minutes and the longest, about 10 minutes.

Exercise high intensity exercises daily, and try to move or go for a walk on other days. It's important to move every day. Find a friend to do it, or invest in a good HIIT video you love. It will encourage you to continue doing so over the long term. Each time you do this, you are likely to extend your life. As your metabolism goes up, you'll lose belly fat which is hard to lose, especially if you reduce the amount of carbohydrates and increase the amount of protein you eat every day. Diet and exercise will work together to help you shed this harmful visceral fat. Believe it or not, at least six minutes of exercise a week in 3 two-minute HIIT exercises and you will be more fit and healthy.







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