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The Poop on Baby Poop

Many new mothers have asked about newborn bowel habits. In fact, this is probably the # 1 question I asked, no bar. I often get calls from new mothers whose babies have no bowel movement for 24 hours. So let's talk shit !!

Newborns have different bowel movements in behavior. The first few days, they were washing their black and sticky intestines called meconium. It's very ordinary. These are the substances that fill their intestines while they are in the womb. It's hard to clean, and it doesn't rub easily. After the first few days, you should see what we call "transitional dirt", which is still dark, but gradually becomes lighter, easier to clear the bottom a little and maybe with some yellow beans in it. It can change color from very dark brown, to green and may have yellow spots on it.

From this point (approximately 4-7 days after birth), you will begin to see yellow and loose stools increasing. Now, this can also be on the green, depending on what the baby is taking. If you breastfeed, your diet may be related to this. If your baby contains any vitamins, or iron supplements, the loops may become darker. However, they should be relatively loose and easy to clean. If you breastfeed, this trend will continue. The wood will be loose, yellow / green and usually in the first few weeks, very often. They can also be very explosive !!!

When my son was born, I changed his diapers to a changing table and reached the right side of the table to get a new one. When his head popped up, I saw a glimmer of something happening right in front of my eyes and then saw a "splash" on the table next to me. I see the wonder of how these little beings can produce anything with so much power behind it. Whew !! Just miss my head too !!

It's not really a lot of force, it has a lot to do with the small shot area. My point in all of this is to say that this is all very NORMAL. What is it that you do not experience, or something that you like, or the occasional "bounce back" of poop that stirs your mind?

If you continue to breastfeed, you will also find that when your baby develops spurts, he or she can leave the stool every time you feed him, to have no bowel movements for 2-3 days. Again, very normal. Breast milk is very well used by their small bodies and in a large growth spurt, it just comes down to use. There is nothing left to eradicate. Therefore, if you are used to changing your diaper every time you feed your child, do not worry about the change. All babies go through growth spurts. Their gut instinct is constantly changing. It is very unusual for a baby to be breast fed for constipation.

If you cook the bottle and apply the formula, the stains may be slightly stronger. Usually they are what I call "stupid putty factions". This may be dating, but that's what it looks like. More compact is because of the way they digest the formula differently than breast milk. Again, it's normal. Baby feeding bottles can also have different levels of regularity. This is also due to the development of the baby.

So you ask, "When am I worried"? Most doctors will not notice you if you tell them that your little excitement has not changed for 2-3 days. It usually doesn't need to worry. We don't call it constipation unless the actual dirt looks like a small pebble. Then, there are some interventions that can be done. Try to warm up and move baby's feet as he rides a bike. This sometimes helps to relax the muscles. Talk to your pediatric specialist if your baby seems to be very uncomfortable for long periods of time or longer than 3-4 days. There are many medicines there; most of them are from their own kitchen. However, each child specialist has a different opinion on this, so it's best to talk to you.

If the stool is soft or loose, but rare, don't worry. Your baby may be growing. Contact your pediatric specialist if:

1. It's been over 3-4 days,

2. Your baby looks very uncomfortable for the good part of the day

3. You see blood in the stool as he goes

4. Hardwood stains, small, small

It is extremely rare, but there are some conditions that may require medical attention.

Babies only eat, eat, sleep and poison to concentrate, so their attention is entirely on "task at hand". Their strong concentration can sometimes be understood as discomfort, but wait for it. They will return to themselves looking like ordinary angels in no time. The baby system is very effective. They usually run easily on automatic pilots. Just relax and enjoy the moment. Someday you can write about it or tell stories on the side and embarrass your own child.


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