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The Painful Side Effect of Excessive Self-Gratification - Can Masturbation Cause Headaches?

We talked a little bit about the perils of Sexual Lethality. For men, the threat of premature death and hair loss is enough to put your sexual behavior at risk. However, for other men who don't worry about it, it may surprise you to hear that one of the symptoms of excessive Self-Gratification is a common headache. But in fact, it's hard to believe that one head is responsible for another's pain.

Title Around

The back brain is the main site for the norepinephrine nervous system and the epinephrine nervous system - a chemical way to send messages around your noggin. Here is also the second major area for dopamine => norepinephrine => epinephrine conversion, next to the adrenal medulla. So what does that mean?

No matter how hot or heavy you are, whether it's from sex or your secret efforts with the latest Playboy issue (yes, you get it for articles), your body sends dopamine to your noodles to let it know it's excited. During this process, dopamine is converted to epinephrine through a series of cycles. Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, is one of the key hormones responsible for increasing your blood pressure and giving you a sexually-stimulated experience. In men, this means standing your penis. For women, the clitoris and the sexual tissue that fits into the blood become more sensitive. "Houston, we have liftoff!"

Orgasm and ejaculation triggers 'Fighting' sympathetic and stress responses through the conversion of dopamine-epinephrine (adrenaline - neurohormonal stress). With low levels of serotonin nerve modulation on dopamine-adrenaline conversion, excess adrenaline production sets the body on fire and inhibits acetylcholine and hGH / DHEA / androstenedione action on the synthesis of the hormone Prostagladin E-1.

Prostaglandin E-1 is responsible for the relaxation and elasticity of the tissues in your body. Therefore, the deficiency is combined with excess adrenaline that binds to the alpha receptor sites in the blood vessels, ligaments, and joints, responsible for the experience of tightness, tension, and narrowing - causing pain and spasms locally. This is also the same mechanic involved in stress related pain. The neck and shoulders are the most critical part of this problem as they are adjacent to the back brain where dopamine-adrenaline conversion occurs. While adrenaline may give you a rush, it can have harmful side effects. All of this results in many heads full of problems.

More than just a full head

The pain of adrenaline in addition to sexual fatigue doesn't just center on the brain. Another critical area for pain and orgasmic cramps is the tissue in the pelvic cavity - the back, tailbone, lower abdomen, uterus or sex organs (penis, penis, clitoris, vagina and ovary). Because of their advantages over the glands / ovaries (ovaries) and the amount of neurohormones and sex hormones (hGH / DHEA / progesterone / androstenedione / testosterone (estrogen) receptors), this area can be a great source of pain.

With low levels of serotonin nerve modulation, the adrenal medulla exerts excess dopamine-adrenaline, injects excess adrenaline into the bloodstream and suspends DHEA production in the adrenal cortex, resulting in DHEA / androstenedione / testosterone deficiency in local tissues, during orgasm and / and ejaculation. This is one of the reasons you feel pain after sex.

Again, the production of prostaglandins E-1 in tissues drops to the zeros, tissues, muscles, ligaments, and joints around and in the pelvic cavity. You will feel as if they are "heavier", less flexible and elastic, and even cause pain and spasm.

Excessive adrenals in the adrenal medulla trigger excessive production of cortisol in the adrenal cortex. As a result, cortisol floods and blocks the central nervous system, hypothalamus, and anterior pituitary. Excessive cortisol causes early Euphoria followed by subsequent depression and then lowers the threshold for seizure activity, resulting in brain instability.

Diet also has many responsibilities when it comes to headaches and body aches. Caffeine is the biggest cause. As a powerful remedy, it can be a double-edged sword. We all know what kicks can give you in the morning and extra surprises if you need to be on your guard. Low doses of caffeine help activate the brain's dopamine system for erection and power orgasms, but too much caffeine in the long run will induce sympathetic nerve function to counteract the parasympathetic nerve function responsible for erection and last longer.

Controlling the levels of dopamine in your brain to excess, caffeine sends additional adrenaline into your system. This is why some extra espresso gives you headaches and shakes. It helps the brain convert too much dopamine to epinephrine (adrenaline, the stress hormone for the "fight or flight" action). As a result, you have too much stress hormone in your brain, neck and shoulders. You may have headaches and neck / shoulder pain.

Of course, you will have high levels of adrenaline in your bloodstream and neurons to inhibit the action of acetylcholine which is essential for nerve communication. You can expect problems with neural communication from your brain / spinal cord S2-S3 to your penis. Compounded by the effects of excessive self-satisfaction, your body can really take its toll.

Title in the Right direction

Reducing your stress and caffeine intake may not be enough if you have regular headaches. Excessive Self-esteem and sexually-generated sex affect your body to trigger your noggin. Lowering your sexual habits can help. However, sometimes due to your age or body imbalance, you may still have low serotonin.

Serotonin preserves your adrenaline output. In addition to improving your diet, supplements like DopaFibra will help restore serotonin, dopamine, and other hormones that are lost through sex or diet. Along with adding the necessary nutrients, it also helps the body in its own production and restores the body's hormone balance. Reducing mood swings, stress, anxiety, fatigue, and pain may be as easy as taking a pill.


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