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The Number One Enemy of All Bodybuilders

Alcohol is the true enemy of all bodybuilders, as drinking alcohol can easily distract you from your exercise program and healthy eating habits. Most people like to drink a little over the weekend and it's hard to say no, especially if going out with a youth is one of your favorite things.

The problem is that drinking alcohol will make you lose weight, as it has a high calorie content, it will also hinder your ability to exercise and build muscle mass. The thing to be aware of though is that you don't have to give up your enjoyable lifestyle; you just have to be more responsible and disciplined about what you put into your body. Trade in your ale's door for a bottle of water, or a sugar-free beverage.

Bad alcohol ...

You need to think of your body as the machine you need to stay strong. By putting alcohol (or snacks) into your body, you block your machine and reduce its effectiveness in order to function properly. Alcohol has no real nutritional value and contains many calories that do not benefit you or your body. It's easy to consume over a thousand calories with just a few drinks.

If you are serious about getting a lean body, then you have to give your booze a serious drink. Because it doesn't matter how healthy you eat during the day if you go and drink calories worth of the day in liquid form at night. Plus alcohol actually slows down your metabolism, which helps you grow your beer belly, and seriously limits your muscle growth and fat loss.

The Straw Final ...

I'm sure you're drunk, I really hate them and they drank me in the past. The problem with hanging is that they ruin the whole day, they ruin your schedule, they ruin your motivation to do any work that doesn't mind going down the gym and train. Despite your rest day, you may skip meals, stay in bed for too long and not get the right nutrients and foods. Alcohol also removes water and destroys your body with key nutrients that further exacerbate its effects.

Alcohol also lowers the natural testosterone levels in your body, which as a bodybuilder is a big "no", because testosterone is a key hormone in helping you build muscle. Alcohol also lowers your inability, making it easier to stop for a kebab or pizza on the way home, which will not be touched by the barrel in normal conditions.

Having a beer every now and again will not harm you, especially if you are just building for fun, but if you want to compete in a competition, then alcohol is out of the question. I'm sorry. If you go out at night, try to position yourself as a designated driver, you will not be able to drink and you will not get grief from your partner for not having a beer. If you have drinks, put an extra 30 minutes of cardio into your workout plan to make sure you burn extra calories.


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