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The GERD Diet is Good For Everyone

Reading through the GERD diet immediately makes one realize that the food we are most interested in is what to avoid if it triggers GERD symptoms. If the identified food makes you think that it is the end of the misunderstanding of food. It generally says avoid those who trigger symptoms and if they don't just take precautions. Each person has a different reaction to the food and what responds does not mean that you will respond as well.

GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, is usually acid and some of the food that escapes and exits. When someone asks "What the heart feels like" you know that they are responding to certain foods they have just cooked. The burning sensation is concentrated in the esophagus located in the chest cavity and the acid does not affect the liver. How long the sensation burns depends on how much acid has refluxed and not all experienced the same way.

Modern men are immune to heartache, and GERD can be something many people can suffer from. Common causes are the lifestyle that modern people are immersed in: stress, unhealthy but delicious foods as well as nicotine, alcohol and coffee. This combination can be deadly for some people and the GERD diet encourages people to avoid it if they have a heart attack or severe GERD.

GERD diet is easy. The food is not yucky or bland, it only identifies foods that may cause LES or lower esophageal sphincter to weaken and keep them back. Identifying foods that cause GERD or heartburn is important and some foods that are listed in the diet may not be the main cause for many people.

Many studies have been done to make GERD diet. Identifying substances that can cause GERD or even indigestion and heartburn is an eye opener. There are some ingredients that are known to be healthy but people can respond to them. Who knew that garlic could weaken LES?

Another favorite ingredient is peppermint. It seems that peppermint also causes LES to weaken and drink it with gum can be enough to do so. Not surprisingly, sometimes people feel like they are boring every time they chew on peppermint gum. Read through the GERD diet and identify your individual triggers, it may open your eyes and educate you.


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